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Kunming quantitative filling machine Lirui electric useful

Kunming quantitative filling machine Lirui electric useful

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and the operating conditions of * are determined. For the biological treatment system, it often takes a long time to complete the task of "cultivating bacteria". If it meets the standard, the environmental protection department will check whether the effluent of the treatment system meets the discharge standard, and the precautions for the use of non clogged submersible sewage pump, Sewage pump is a kind of centrifugal impurity, which has many forms: such as submersible and dry-type. At present, * the commonly used submersible sewage pump is WQ submersible sewage pump, which is mainly used to transport the medium containing solid particles such as fiber paper scraps in the feces or liquid of urban sewage. The company will prepare it by itself. Generally, the temperature of the transmitted medium is not greater than ℃. Because the transmitted medium contains fibers that are easy to be entangled or bunched, the flow path of this kind of pump is easy to be blocked, Once the pump is blocked, it will not work normally, and even burn the motor. Kunming quantitative filling machine will cause poor sewage discharge, which will have a serious impact on urban life and environmental protection. Precautions for the use of sewage pump. Check whether the sewage pump pipeline and joint are loose

turn the sewage pump by hand to see whether the sewage pump is flexible, add bearing lubricating oil into the bearing body, observe that the oil level should be at the center line of the oil standard, and the lubricating oil should be replaced or supplemented in time. Unscrew the water diversion plug of the sewage pump body to inject water (or slurry), close the gate valve of the water outlet pipeline, the outlet pressure gauge and the inlet vacuum gauge, jog the motor to see whether the motor turns correctly, and start the motor, When the sewage Beijing vacuum filling machine pump operates normally, open the outlet pressure gauge and the inlet vacuum pump, and gradually open the gate valve according to the appropriate pressure, and check the motor load at the same time

try to control the flow and head of the sewage pump within the range indicated on the label, so as to ensure that the sewage pump operates at the * efficiency point, so as to obtain the energy-saving effect of * during the operation of the sewage pump, the bearing temperature cannot exceed the ambient temperature ℃, * the temperature must not exceed ℃. If the sewage pump is found to have abnormal sound, stop immediately to check the cause. When the sewage pump is to stop using, first turn off the gate valve pressure gauge and then stop the motor. The sewage pump is working for * months, After changing the lubricating oil for hours, change the oil every hour, and adjust the packing gland frequently

ensure that the dripping and leakage in the packing room is normal (it is appropriate to leak in drops), regularly check the wear of the shaft sleeve, and replace the sewage pump in time after the wear is large. When it is used in cold winter, after stopping, unscrew the drain plug at the lower part of the pump body to drain the media, Prevention of frost cracking - the submersible sewage pump adopts the automatic liquid level control device for automatic "by changing the name control, the type of automatic liquid level control device is in addition to the floating ball liquid level switch. If the sewage does not contain or only contains a small amount of suspended impurities, the input pressure sensor and secondary instrument can also be selected and installed in the sewage pool (sump) The automatic liquid level control device in the shall be as far away from the water inlet as possible. The floor slab or beam above the manhole of the indoor sewage pool (sump) with the weight of two single submersible sewage pumps greater than kg shall be embedded. From the history of the past few years, the hook is used to lift the submersible sewage pump during installation and maintenance. Thirdly, according to the current relevant specifications, except that the connection part of the movable installation hose adopts fabric reinforced rubber hose

the discharge pipe of the submersible sewage pump can be made of hard water supply plastic pipe, centrifugal cast ductile iron water supply pipe, steel pipe, steel plastic composite pipe, etc., and the pressure bearing capacity of the pipe and pipe fittings should not be less than MPa. IV. the installation method of the submersible sewage pump used in the sump of the fire elevator of the building should adopt two hard pipe connection fixed type or two fixed self coupling type, and the effective volume of the sump should not be less than m, The rated flow of the submersible sewage pump shall not be less than m/h v. control valves, check valves, flexible rubber pipe joints and pressure gauges shall be set on the discharge pipeline of the submersible sewage pump. Gate valves are recommended for the control valves in the national building standard design atlas s "selection and installation of small submersible sewage pumps". In order to ensure the construction quality of the brake fluid vacuum filling cabinet device and the secondary circuit wiring installation project, and promote the improvement of the engineering construction technology level, To ensure the safe operation of panel and cabinet devices and secondary circuits, this specification is formulated. This specification is applicable to the construction and acceptance of various types of distribution boards, protection panels, control panels, boxes, complete sets of cabinets and their secondary circuit wiring installation works. The supply status of panels is perfect. The installation works of cabinet devices and secondary circuit wiring should be constructed according to the approved design, When handling and installing panels and cabinets, safety measures such as shockproof and moisture-proof measures should be taken to prevent frame deformation and paint damage. If necessary, the installed equipment and vulnerable components can be removed and packaged separately for transportation. When the products have special requirements

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