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Kunshan carton compression tester

pn-ct50kd full carton compression tester

its performance is different L product introduction

pn-ct50kd full carton compression tester, also known as carton compression tester, empty carton compression tester, carton compression tester, is a multi-functional and economical carton quality inspection equipment, It is mainly used for the compressive strength test of various small corrugated boxes or the compressive strength test of packaging containers made of other materials with compressive strength less than 10kN, such as food and beverage packaging, instant noodles packaging, cosmetics packaging, beer packaging, grain and oil packaging, bearing packaging, industrial parts packaging, etc. With high control accuracy and advanced technology, this instrument is the most cost-effective miniature carton compression testing machine in China. This instrument is the most direct test instrument for testing the compressive strength of cartons or other packaging containers. It is used to determine the compressive capacity of cartons and can be used for the test of pressure holding stacking. The test results can be used as an important reference for the height of finished packaging boxes stacked in factories or an important basis for designing packaging boxes

the instrument is designed based on the designer's deep understanding of standards and industry, which is refined and simple; It has become the first choice for enterprises with strict cost control and high-quality pursuit, stands out under the test of the market environment, and has become the leader of similar products

full carton compression testing machine carton compression testing machine has three standard working modes:

1 Strength test: it can measure the maximum pressure resistance and deformation of the box

2. Constant value test: the overall performance of the box can be tested according to the set pressure and deformation

3. Stacking test: simulate the stacking state of the warehouse, and conduct stacking tests under different conditions

l executive standard

gb/t 4857.4 "pressure test method for packaging and transportation packages"

gb/t 4857.3 "static load stacking test method for packaging and transportation packages"

iso2872 "pressure test for complete and full packaging transportation packages"

iso2874 "stacking test for complete and full packaging transportation packages with pressure testing machine"

qb/t 1048 "compression testing machine for paperboard and carton"

l product features

1 Open structure design, double lead screws, double guide pillars, good stability, strong rigidity, long service life, which can effectively ensure the parallelism of the sample and the error of the whole machine when it is stressed

The accuracy of the standard dynamometer can generally reach about 0.15%

2 Using the imported stepping motor control and the latest subdivision technology, the instrument has accurate positioning and fast response, which saves the test time and improves the test efficiency

3. The test process is fully automatic, intelligently locking the maximum peak value, powerful data display, analysis and management capabilities, data retention after power off, printing function, over range alarm function, sensor nonlinear correction and other functions to protect high-precision sensors

4. It adopts high-speed ARM processor, with high degree of automation, fast data acquisition, fully automatic measurement, intelligent judgment function, safety and reliability

5. 24 bit high-precision AD converter (resolution up to 1/10000000) and high-precision weighing sensor are adopted to ensure the rapidity and accuracy of force value data acquisition of the instrument

6. Modular all-in-one thermal printer is adopted, which has fast printing speed and convenient paper change; Print results: Test name, the traditional method of manufacturing cyclohexanone during the test requires high temperature and high pressure room, test number, test data, test specification and test indicators specified in relevant standards

7. Chinese English bilingual operation menu (Chinese English), which can be switched at any time

8. It has the function of switching between N, KGF and LBF units, and can also write new units according to the requirements of customers

9. The built-in electronic clock automatically prints the date, eliminating the tedious operation of manually entering the date or manually filling in the date before printing

10. One click system restore function

11. It can be connected to computer software, and has the function of real-time display (force value deformation) compression curve and data analysis, management, storage, printing and other functions

l nok= "f only logistics transportation can achieve a driving effect of 1:4" gradientshapeok= "t" o:connecttype= "rect"> technical parameters

12 Power supply: AC220V 10% value= "5" hasspace= "false" negative= "false" numbertype= "1" tcsc= "0" w:st= "on">5a 50Hz

13. Indication error: 1%

14. Indication variability: 1%

15. Resolution: 1 N

16. Measurement range: (50 ~ 10000) n

17. Deformation error: value= "1" hasspace= "true" negative= "false" numbertype= "1" tcsc= "0" w:st= "on">1 mm

18. Pressing plate area: 500 value= "500" hasspace= "true" negative= "false" numbertype= "1" tcsc= "0" w:st= "on">500 mm

19. Platen parallelism: value= "2" hasspace= "true" negative= "false" numbertype= "1" tcsc= "0" w:st= "on">2 mm

20. Working stroke: (20 ~ 500) mm

21. Test speed: (101) mm/min (1 ~ 120mm/min can be set)

22. Return speed: (5 ~ 80) mm/min

23. Man machine interface: 240 128 dot matrix LCD, Chinese and English menus

24. Print out: modular all-in-one thermal printer

25. Communication output: RS232 (standard)/USB (optional)

26. Working environment: indoor temperature (20 10) C; Relative humidity < 85%

27. Overall dimension: (906530960) mm (length, width and height)

28. Weight: about value= "200" hasspace= "true" negative= "false" numbertype= "1" tcsc= "0" w:st= "on">200 kg

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