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Kunming packaging technology association carries out innovation around the theme of circular economy

according to the spirit of the eleventh five year plan, the five development projects declared by the subordinate enterprises of Kunming Packaging Technology Association reflect the theme consciousness of Kunming Packaging Technology Association to firmly grasp the "concept of circular economy" to create a new situation in the development of the packaging industry from different levels

these five projects are: the "development and application of laser pattern transfer paper" project undertaken by Kunming Wanhong Color Printing Co., Ltd., which has passed the identification of experts organized by the Department of science and technology of Yunnan Province, and won the second prize of Kunming Science and technology progress. Kunming fuchinchun Color Printing Co., Ltd. has also passed the provincial appraisal of Yunnan Province and won the third prize of Kunming Science and Technology Progress Award for the project of "development of pure paper board high-end color gift hypothetical fixture by structure". Kunming Beisen honeycomb New Material Co., Ltd. is responsible for the "development and transportation of various honeycomb paper products series 1. Use before experiment" technology, the "modeling transformation of mineral water bottle cap" technology undertaken by Yunnan Tianwaitian Natural Beverage Co., Ltd. and the "development and application of laser gravure plate" technology undertaken by Yunnan Seiko plate making Co., Ltd. have made corresponding research results

in the development and research process of the above successful projects, Kunming Packaging Technology Association believes that under the conditions of market economy, technological innovation has gradually risen to a commercial behavior rather than a simple technological behavior, so simply relying on technological innovation can no longer meet the needs of social development. In this process, it is more necessary for relevant government departments and enterprises or other institutions to participate and cooperate together to complete diversified and diversified innovative technologies, so as to meet the needs of social development

in the process of innovative technology, the cultivation of talents is the key to innovative technology. Kunming packaging is equipped with a complete platform for experiment, detection and analysis. In order to meet the needs of the development of market economy, the Technology Association has actively contacted colleges and universities inside and outside the province to build a platform for college students to "go out of school and enter the factory for deepening". At the same time, it has also cultivated a large number of excellent packaging technology talents for enterprises and joined the ranks of innovative technology

brand strategy is the core of innovative technology. At the World Packaging Conference held in Beijing in mid April this year, Tianwaitian mineral water of Yunnan Tianwaitian Beverage Co., Ltd. was used as the conference. There were a large number of national and international experimental standard drinking water, which was highly praised by delegates from all countries; At the same time, the program "packaging materials and human body packaging show" selected by Kunming Packaging Technology Association appeared at the conference. Become a highlight of the conference. It not only shows the technology and achievements of Yunnan packaging industry to international peers, but also shapes the brand of Kunming packaging industry

strengthening foreign exchanges, introducing advanced technology, combining with their own reality, shaping their own packaging brands, and realizing the progress of enterprises in the exchange are important prerequisites for innovative technology. At the "13th China International Packaging Industry Exhibition" held in Guangzhou in mid March this year, Kunming Packaging Technology Association organized 12 enterprises and 18 people to visit the packaging markets in Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Hong Kong and Macao. Through foreign exchanges, they learned advanced technology, accumulated valuable experience for the development of Kunming's packaging industry, and laid a solid foundation for promoting the development of Yunnan's packaging industry

to speed up the development of Yunnan packaging industry is to strengthen the cooperation between the government, enterprises or other institutions and vigorously promote innovative technology, so as to achieve the purpose of industry development and enterprise progress

source: China Packaging News

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