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The Kunpeng ecological Summit Forum was held in Shenzhen. Huawei cloud and computing enabled the whole scene smart Shenzhen construction

on July 28, the Shenzhen Youwei Huawei cloud and computing City Summit 2020 was successfully held in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, and the Kunpeng ecological summit forum with the theme of new infrastructure, new computing power and new ecology was also successfully concluded. At the forum, Huawei and Kunpeng ecological partners shared the application practices of government cloud, smart city, intelligent manufacturing and Kunpeng basic software ecological solutions. They jointly built Kunpeng ecosystem in Dawan district and shared new computing power and new infrastructure opportunities. The high-end conversation of Kunpeng ecological Summit Forum jointly discussed the opportunities and challenges of Kunpeng computing industry. The topic guests also put forward their views, gave guidance and shared experience, At the same time, China Kunpeng industrial source innovation center also issued Kunpeng certification for ecological partners

Li Zhengxiang, leader of Shenzhen Municipal Administration of industry and information technology, delivered a welcome speech for the forum. He said that the Shenzhen municipal government and Huawei signed a strategic cooperation agreement on jointly building a national Kunpeng industrial demonstration zone in September 2019. The two sides will give full play to the advantages of location, industry and policy resources of Shenzhen, as well as Huawei's advantages in science, technology, ecology and innovation resources, and build Shenzhen into a city with perfect industrial ecology, leading core technology The national Kunpeng industrial demonstration zone with rich application scenarios and strong industrial competitiveness is striving to build a headquarters base of Kunpeng ecosystem nationwide and even globally

at present, the construction of Shenzhen Kunpeng industrial demonstration zone has achieved preliminary results, including the construction of a base, two sub centers, the certification of 261 enterprises, and the establishment of the country's first Kunpeng cloud college. In the next step, Shenzhen will make efforts from the supply side and the demand side. On the one hand, it will speed up the construction of Kunpeng ecosystem and build a 100 billion level Kunpeng industrial cluster. On the other hand, it will spare no efforts to build Kunpeng application demonstration projects

Li Zhengxiang, leader of Shenzhen Administration of industry and information technology

subsequently, Zhang Xiwei, President of Huawei Kunpeng computing, revealed in his speech that since 2019, the recovery of the international market of Kunpeng has entered a period of rapid growth, with an annual growth rate of more than 10 times. As of the first half of the year, 12 Kunpeng cooperative manufacturers have been developed; We have fulfilled our promise and officially opened the openeuler operating system, openguass database and openlookeng, a data virtualization engine; It has certified more than 800 ISV partners and more than 2000 partner applications based on Kunpeng, and more than 300000 developers are active in the online Kunpeng developer community and Kunpeng industrial innovation centers all over the country

he said that Huawei would continue to increase its R & D investment in Kunpeng + shengteng, continue to support the construction and development of Shenzhen Kunpeng industrial ecological base, and spare no effort to build Shenzhen Kunpeng application demonstration project to provide the strongest computing base for Shenzhen to build a smart city

Zhang Xiwei, President of Huawei Kunpeng computing field

01 new infrastructure, new computing power, new ecology, and building Shenzhen digital base

under the background of new infrastructure, the state will focus on investing in new infrastructure such as large-scale scientific research devices, new data centers, and new technology industry research bases. This points out the direction for the future development of China's computing industry, and defines the industrial orientation and development path

the future oriented information infrastructure construction is bound to be the industrial innovation of new technology, new mode and new ecology. At present, AI technology is booming, and the global annual demand for AI computing power has increased by more than 10 times. It is estimated that by 2025, AI computing power will account for more than 80% of the computing power of data centers. At the same time, driven by the continuous growth of 5g industry, arm computing architecture with higher cost performance will not only occupy the terminal side, but also gradually occupy the edge computing and cloud data center. The new computing power, diversified computing power and cloud side collaboration represented by Kunpeng + shengteng will together form a new base of the future data center, and the partners of Kunpeng industrial ecology will surely usher in a new round of development opportunities

Hao Yingtao, head of the Ecological Development Department of Kunpeng, Huawei's computing product line, said in the keynote speech "new infrastructure, new computing power and new ecology", the new infrastructure promotes the digital transformation of cities, and computing power has become the core infrastructure of cities. The strongest computing power combination created by Huawei Kunpeng + shengteng will help the digital transformation of Shenzhen industry and enable customers to succeed. Huawei will work with Shenzhen to build an ecological economy and jointly build a national Kunpeng industrial demonstration zone. It is believed that with the implementation of a standard system and two industrial Highlands, Shenzhen Kunpeng industry will promote the industrial upgrading of Shenzhen and build a digital base in Shenzhen

Hao Yingtao, head of the Department of ecological development of Kunpeng, Huawei's computing product line

02 Kunpeng's industry is progressing steadily, enabling thousands of industries

at present, the number of Kunpeng ecological partners in Shenzhen has reached 261, accounting for 16% of the city's demand for strategic substances such as oil, which has reached the number of software and information technology service enterprises in the city. Hua Weiyun, from government affairs, smart city, intelligent manufacturing, software and other industries, shared his practical experience in Kunpeng computing application with his computing partners

cyberspace has become the fifth largest strategic space. Relying on Kunpeng base, Shenzhen information security evaluation center has completed the construction of Cyberspace Security Situational Awareness and emergency disposal platform, providing a solid Cyberspace Security Guarantee for the construction of the whole scene smart Shenzhen. Dong Anbo, deputy director of Shenzhen information security evaluation center, said that the selection of Kunpeng was based on the consideration of high security and high reliability. When switching from x86 to Kunpeng architecture, through three steps of adaptation, deployment and tuning, we can realize the full stack adaptation and transformation, and senseless replacement. He said that the overall performance of Kunpeng platform is equal to that of x86 architecture, and the computing power is more powerful

Dong Anbo, deputy director of Shenzhen information security evaluation center

with the help of Huawei cloud and computing's Kunpeng computing service, the government and state-owned enterprises' exclusive communication office tool government affairs has driven the government's efficiency improvement with its strong digital ability. Tan Xu, the industry director of Tencent, said that the reason why the government chose Kunpeng was that Kunpeng was the most powerful processor made in China. Moreover, Kunpeng has perfect ecological compatibility and rich adaptive resources, which has improved the migration speed

Tan Xu, industry director of Tencent

Ping An smart city is one of the five core ecosystems that Ping An Group focuses on building. The construction of Ping An smart city has three major goals: optimizing politics, promoting industry and benefiting the people. Relying on core technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain and cloud computing, it has built a 1+n+1 smart city integration platform solution

Ping An smart city has a deep accumulation and brilliant benchmark in top-level design, system construction, landing tracking, etc. Huojianmei, general manager of Ping An International Smart City Technology Co., Ltd., said in the sharing that looking forward to the future, Ping An will cooperate with Huawei to provide smart city solutions and make greater breakthroughs in the field of smart cities

Huo Jianmei, general manager of Shenzhen Ping An International Smart City Technology Co., Ltd.

the manufacturing industry is gradually completing industrialization and informatization, and moving towards intellectualization. Shenzhen Exxon intelligent industry is committed to building the only semiconductor whole industry chain solution platform in China. Based on Huawei shengteng, Exxon has overcome the application challenges of intelligent technology in the semiconductor field, created intelligent quality inspection and measurement solutions in 2004, and greatly improved accuracy and efficiency through AI

Li Jie, CEO of Exxon intelligent industry (Guangdong) Co., Ltd., said that Huawei shengteng AI platform provides super computing power and supports real-time accurate image analysis. In the future, Exxon will also explore more applications with Huawei in semiconductor intelligent manufacturing fields such as intelligent batch control, intelligent sampling, intelligent production scheduling, predictive equipment maintenance, etc

Li Jie, CEO of Exxon intelligent industry (Guangdong) Co., Ltd.

in the software industry, Kunpeng is also carrying out business innovation with its industry-leading computing power enabling partners. Facing the era of diversified computing, Kingdee software has also worked with Huawei to build a Kunpeng computing industry ecosystem and jointly provide enterprise customers with leading IT infrastructure and industry applications based on Kunpeng processors. Cheng Yongbin, deputy general manager of Kingdee Tianyan cloud computing Co., Ltd., shared Kingdee Tianyan Kunpeng ecological solution

he said that Kingdee Tianyan's full range of software products, including basic middleware software, intelligent government applications, big data information processing and display, fully support Huawei Kunpeng ecological computing environment, including Huawei cloud and Taishan servers. The engineers of both sides have worked together and have adapted and certified a number of software products

Cheng Yongbin, deputy general manager of Kingdee Tianyan cloud computing Co., Ltd.

03 jointly build Kunpeng ecosystem in Dawan district and share opportunities for new computing power and new infrastructure

new infrastructure has brought new opportunities to the computing industry in Shenzhen and Dawan District. New computing power represented by Kunpeng series chips and shengteng AI processors is becoming a digital base for all industries. So, what new computing opportunities will the new infrastructure bring? What are the main challenges faced by various industries in Kunpeng application? How to build a collaborative innovation mechanism in the industrial chain and overcome the difficulties of ecology through division of labor and cooperation

this Kunpeng ecological Summit Forum also invited a number of industrial celebrities to participate in the high-end dialogue session of the Kunpeng ecological Summit Forum to jointly build Kunpeng ecology in Dawan district and share new computing power and new infrastructure opportunities

Lin Picheng, architect of Shenzhen Urban Transport Planning and Design Research Center, Qiu Wen, CO chairman of China Kunpeng industrial source innovation center, Li Weizhong, director of the Publicity Department of the green computing industry alliance, Zhang Yongqiang, deputy general manager of Wuhan Dameng database Co., Ltd., Gao Wei, vice president of Kirin Software Co., Ltd., Jiang Dayong, vice president of Huawei Kunpeng computing, and other guests from industry customer representatives, Kunpeng industrial base Representatives of the industrial alliance, Information Integrator enterprises and Kunpeng software ecosystem enterprises expressed their views, and jointly discussed how to make use of the good opportunities of the new infrastructure and the construction of Shenzhen dual zone to create an open and win-win Kunpeng industrial ecosystem and jointly build Shenzhen Kunpeng industrial demonstration zone

at the scene of the Kunpeng ecological Summit Forum, a ceremony was also held for the certification of ecological partners by the Kunpeng industrial source innovation center. Zheng dianhai, general manager of Huawei's Guangdong cloud and computing business department, Hao Yingtao, head of Huawei's computing product line Kunpeng ecological development department, and Li Yawei, general manager of Huawei's Shenzhen cloud and computing business department, issued certificates to partners on behalf of Huawei

looking at the new infrastructure era, Shenzhen Special Economic Zone will usher in a new round of development opportunities after 40 years of reform and development. Huawei cloud and computing will firmly grasp the major historical opportunities of the new infrastructure, work together for the construction of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Great Bay area and the first demonstration area, continue to develop and expand the Kunpeng industry, build the Kunpeng industry into a beautiful city card of Shenzhen, and help to build a full scene fan hood, which is one of the components made of composite materials used in aeroengines. Smart Shenzhen

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