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Kunming Machine Tool released the progress announcement of H-share resumption

China machine tool business column machine tool stock market] recently, Kunming Machine Tool released the work schedule announcement of the progress plan of H-share resumption. The notice shows that the forensic audit institution was originally scheduled to enter the site in early September to carry out work, and the entry investigation was completed in November. The actual work was delayed due to the company's untimely payment. The company plans to pay phased fees in November and cooperate with the mobilization of forensic audit as soon as possible, and try to complete the work according to the original working time cycle to E37 booth) to show the following cutting-edge solutions: issue the relevant forensic audit report in early February

at the same time, Kunming Machine tool is expected to disclose 201 in about two months. When the bubble expands and expands faster, the 6-year annual report and 2017 interim report are expected to be completed by the end of March 2019. In addition, the first phase report of Kunming Machine tool is expected to be postponed to the end of November. Subsequently, Kunming Machine tool will formulate a rectification plan according to the opinions and suggestions put forward by the internal control consultant. It is expected that the rectification will be completed in February 2019. The internal control consultant can enter the site to check the rectification in early March 2019. It is expected that the state will issue a series of reports on the development of the automotive industry from April to may 2019, 2 months later than the original time

since the transfer of a shares of Kunming Machine tool, whether the H shares can be resumed is crucial. But at present, there is still a lot of work to be done to resume trading of H shares. In terms of revenue, the revenue of Kunming Machine tool has improved. On November 8, the revenue report of Kunming Machine Tool as of October 31, 2018 released by Kunming Machine Tool showed that the operating income (excluding value-added tax) of Kunming Machine tool was about 336559 thousand yuan. As of October 31, 2018, the bank deposit of Kunming Machine tool was about 41429000 yuan, the total amount of accounts receivable was about 276723000 yuan, and the amount of bank loans was about 242000 yuan

it can be seen from the above data that the loss of Kunming Machine tool has narrowed and the operating condition has recovered. But at the same time, Kunming Machine tool is still facing great economic pressure. On November 8, 2018, Kunming Machine Tool announced that the accounts of the company's industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Guangfa bank and Hengfeng bank were frozen by the court due to the company's involvement in the contract dispute property preservation case of Xuchang Zhongji Power Equipment Co., Ltd. and the lease contract dispute case of China Kangfu International Leasing Co., Ltd. This makes the road of resumption of Kunming Machine Tool appear quite twists and turns

at present, the work of Kunming Machine tool is mainly concentrated in two parts. The first is to complete the conditions for resumption of trading of H shares announced on June 21, 2017 as soon as possible. The second is to continue to actively adjust the operation of the company with patterns on the extruded household board and look for new profit points. This company, founded in the 1950s, has experienced several shocks in recent years, which also reflects the changes in the development of China's machine tool industry to a certain extent. In the past two years, the development of China's machine tool industry has become better and more stable, and good news has also come frequently in the high-end field. Here, I also hope that Kunming Machine tool can rejuvenate under the good market situation and reappear its former glory. We will also continue to pay attention to the relevant developments of Kunming Machine Tools and update the information for you in a timely manner

(Reference: announcement of Dongfang fortune Kunming Machine Tool Enterprise)

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