The hottest Kunming ship fills many domestic gaps

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Kunming Kunchuan fills many domestic gaps in logistics automation technology

Kunming Kunchuan Logistics Information Industry Co., Ltd. gives full play to its technological innovation advantages, and has developed a number of automatic logistics systems and related equipment products with independent intellectual property rights. Products and technologies fill many domestic gaps, laying a solid foundation for the company to achieve sustainable development

it is understood that the company is controlled by CSIC Kunming Shipbuilding Equipment Group Co., Ltd., which is a knowledge intensive high-tech enterprise integrating optical, mechanical, electrical and information technology, specializing in the development, design, production and system integration of automated logistics systems and information systems. In recent years, through technological innovation, the company's overall strength has been continuously enhanced. As the world's second largest R & D manufacturer of industrial aluminum extrusion products in Asia, it has developed Kunchuan automatic guided vehicle with independent intellectual property rights. It has achieved pipeline and machinery. It is committed to developing yinjiaoju as a commercially viable renewable source of high-quality natural rubber and should be sold separately as a replacement or equipment for rubber trees. We have developed a number of automatic logistics systems and related equipment products with independent intellectual property rights, and have formed the most complete product series of domestic logistics host products, including stackers, Kunchuan automatic guided vehicles, automatic containers, etc. Through re innovation and independent innovation, we have independently developed electromagnetic guidance, gyro guidance, fast charging, scheduling software and other technologies, and designed 22 types of vehicle models to meet the personalized needs of our customers

as an important processing equipment, supported by technological innovation achievements, the company has successively provided dozens of well-known enterprises with large-scale automated logistics systems, and its market share has steadily increased year by year. In 2008, the total amount of new contracts added by the company was 800million yuan, with an average annual contract growth rate of 20% and an annual sales revenue increase of 15.1%

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