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Kunming Tuanjie Township has built the largest continuous planting oil sunflower base in Yunnan. The government of Tuanjie Township, Xishan District, Kunming recently announced that the largest continuous planting oil sunflower base in Yunnan Province has been built in the township, and the supporting oil sunflower processing plant has also been completed and put into operation, thus realizing the industrialized management of oil sunflower in the township

Tuanjie Township is located on the coast of Dianchi Lake and Xishan, a famous scenic spot in Kunming. It is a famous farmhouse eco-tourism area in Kunming. It is understood that in recent years, the township has taken adjusting the agricultural industrial structure as the main line, increasing farmers' income as the focus, and science and technology promotion as the driving force. Following the introduction of Japanese technology to plant apples to create the plateau Fuji brand, the township has also introduced Yacai planting technology from the United States, and planted 800 mu last year. This year, it has expanded its planting area to 1310 mu. According to the township government, this is the largest continuous planting base of oil sunflower in Yunnan Province

in addition, Tuanjie Township also invested more than 1 million yuan to build an oil sunflower processing plant, establish a sales system, and complete the industrialized management system of oil sunflower planting, processing and sales

it is understood that planting oil sunflower can increase farmers' income by 600 yuan per mu. Domestic enterprises should pay close attention to the economic income. The development of continuous planting of oil sunflower in Tuanjie Township also injects new connotation into the local agritainment ecotourism: whenever sunflower blooms in the middle and late July, tourists look like "Sun Valley" from the mountains, and walk on the road like entering the "Golden Avenue", adding to the agritainment ecotourism

oil sunflower is used to process edible oil, which has the effects of regulating human metabolism, reducing cholesterol, improving blood circulation and aging. (Wang Xin)

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