The hottest Kunming paper mill fire continued, the

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Kunming paper factory fire continued: the burned workers in the factory were homeless

in order to put out the sudden fire of Kunming dimes Paper Co., Ltd. in Qijia Township, Guandu District, more than 100 firefighters of Kunming Fire detachment have been fighting for 24 hours. Although the fire was extinguished, more than 30 workers of the paper mill could only say reluctantly in the face of the ruins in front of them: either go home or find a job again

fire officers and soldiers fought continuously for 24 hours

at 12:40 yesterday afternoon, the cordon of the entrance road from the south section of Guannan avenue to the Bank of Dimes paper mill remained unsealed. Walking all the way along the river bank, firefighters in charge of taking water from the river for fire fighting can be seen everywhere, and the water taking machines are roaring. Some of the fire officers and soldiers were in the car, and some were sitting on the roadside, burying their heads in the hot sun and eating boxed lunch. Black ashes swirled over the paper mill, and the thick smoke over Qijia village could be clearly seen on the Bank of the river

there are many villagers watching at the gate of the paper factory. Although there is no open fire in the factory, the smoke is still billowing, and the water from the high-pressure water gun is still difficult to penetrate into the deep part of the paper products. 119, 119, have the fire fighters dispatched for reinforcement been implemented? The soldiers on site are too tired and need to rest. This is tanxiaopeng, chief of staff of Kunming Fire detachment, who asked for assistance at the scene. He also insisted on staying at the scene of the fire with the soldiers from a moment when some performance of the fire impact experimental machine would be affected. His face was stained with ashes like an actor who had just left the battlefield in a war movie and had not yet taken off his makeup

according to chief of staff Tan, this fire is the largest warehouse fire in Kunming. Fortunately, there are walls around it, otherwise the consequences will be unimaginable. The characteristics of this fire are that the depth of the fire is large, the fire extinguishing water is difficult to go deep, and the water consumption is large, and the battle line is long. Only by dispatching excavators to excavate these paper products can the fire be completely extinguished

during the interview, a gentleman brought free mineral water to the fire officers and soldiers. It was learned that the boxed lunch of fire officers and soldiers at the fire fighting scene yesterday afternoon was also provided free of charge by the safe haven garden restaurant. According to the staff of the restaurant, although the restaurant is far away from the northern urban area, the boss prepared 100 boxed meals at the first time after knowing the news that the fire fighters fought all night, and asked the staff to send them to the scene for free to provide to the soldiers in disaster relief

how will life be in the future without work?

at the scene of fire fighting, many factory workers followed the firefighters and watered the smoking paper products with environmental experimental pumps

a workmate who retired from the ashes and sat down to rest, Hani man from Red River told him that they slept in the hotel last night, but they didn't sleep well, so he came to see them early in the morning

this paper mill worker, who has worked in dimes paper mill for nearly a year, said sadly: the salary of sevenoreight hundred a month was brought out by the villagers. I like this job. My income is much better than that in rural areas. Now I can only wait for the boss to arrange it

Lu Wenxin, who just turned 18 this year, worked in Guangzhou for two years. During the economic crisis, factories laid off a large number of workers, and Lu Wenxin returned to Yunnan before the new year. After staying at home for a while, he still chose to work. Only a week ago did he find a paper picking job in dimes paper mill. Lu Wenxin said: if the factory can't resume work, I still have to find a job as soon as possible, just near Kunming. After all, it's closer to home. Four or five female workers in the factory lie on the fence of the dormitory and look at the ruins in front of them, saying helplessly: if you don't have a job, you have to go home

the boss was taken away by the police to accept the investigation in the face of severe energy and environmental challenges

when he left in the afternoon, two excavators were digging away the paper products wrapped firmly. Only in this way can we prevent the resurgence. According to the fire officers and soldiers of the current factory, this work may not be finished until 4:00 p.m. next afternoon. When leaving, the firefighters who came to reinforce were walking into the paper mill in high spirits

the boss whom the workers were waiting for failed to see. It is reported that after the fire, the boss has been taken away from the factory by the police station to accept the fire accident investigation. A female worker who did not want to be named said helplessly: we are sad, and the boss is even more sad. Such a large factory suddenly disappeared. What exactly caused the fire has yet to be investigated by the police

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