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Heavy! The dust on imported machines and tools entering the subsidy scope has settled.

the Ministry of Agriculture recently issued a notice on carrying out the work of adding new items of machines and tools to the subsidy for the purchase of agricultural machinery. The seventh item in the instructions for filling in the form is the most eye-catching, which is that imported machines and tools can also be used as the main products of new products. This means that the dust will settle when imported machines and tools enter the scope of subsidies

the notice pointed out that in order to further optimize the range of types of machines and tools for the national agricultural machinery purchase subsidy and improve the accuracy and directivity of policy implementation, the agricultural mechanization technology development and promotion center of the Ministry of Agriculture plans to organize the submission of new machine items for the national agricultural machinery purchase subsidy, entrusted by the Department of agricultural mechanization of the Ministry of agriculture

I. submission content

all provinces are requested to adhere to the policy goal orientation and green ecological orientation, and in combination with the development of leading industries and the needs of regional agricultural production, study and propose a list of machines and tools to be added in the province outside the scope of national agricultural machinery purchase subsidies, and provide relevant explanations

II. Relevant requirements

(I) actively and safely put forward suggestions

scientific formulation of subsidy scope is the basic work of policy design, and good entry control plays an important role in ensuring the implementation of policy norms. All provinces should strictly implement the workflow and procedures in accordance with the requirements of the internal control system. We should consider the necessity, feasibility, economy and other factors as a whole, evaluate and study item by item, and make scientific decisions. Relevant materials should be properly preserved to leave traces throughout the process

(II) organic connection with industry standards

in order to improve the standardization of work, the names of the items of machines and tools to be added in each province should be consistent with the item names of the agricultural machinery classification standard (ny/t) in principle; If it is a new machine and has no corresponding relationship with the specific items of the industry standard, experts should be organized to study and put forward the suggested names of the new items and the categories and subclasses they belong to

(III) timely submit materials

please fill in the information of new machine and tool items in the analysis table of new machine and tool items of agricultural machine purchase subsidy (see the attachment for the ecological design of plastic auxiliary product system in the whole life cycle process of waste disposal, etc.), mail it to the special department of the terminal before September 29, and send email synchronously. The central station will conduct formal review of provincial materials, and those that meet the requirements will enter the expert evaluation process; If it does not meet the requirements, it shall be returned to the relevant province for further improvement

1. Necessity: mainly explain the reasons for the increase of items from the aspects of industrial development, green ecology, cost saving and efficiency increase

2. Product maturity: the main products, production enterprises, product models, production and sales volume, annual average sales price in recent two years, etc. included in the proposed new items should be described by listing more than three products in principle

3. Quantity of subsidy machines and tools and fund demand: it mainly describes the amount of subsidy funds expected to be used in the year of the proposed new project, and lists the specific calculation process

4. Management level: first, whether the main product structure involved in the proposed new items is complex, and whether the county-level competent departments can effectively carry out the verification of machines and tools, the specific opinions of key cities and counties need to be sought; Second, whether the safety and adaptability of the main products involved in the proposed new items meet the requirements, we should seek the opinions of the promotion, supervision and other departments; Third, the interpretation of the new national standard system for China's food contact materials of the proposed new items. If there have been problems of fraudulent subsidies, complementary subsidies, and abnormally high subsidy proportions in the country and relevant provinces, the provinces should explain what regulatory measures have been established

5. Promotion and identification ability: whether the main products involved in the proposed new items can be carried out. 4. The power source (electromechanical) of the experimental machine is also called motor agricultural machinery promotion and identification or compulsory and voluntary certification of agricultural machinery

6. Economy: whether the investment income of the main products involved in the proposed new items can be guaranteed or profitable on the basis of only agricultural machinery purchase subsidies

7. Imported machines and tools can also be used to support cell growth as the main product of new products

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