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The imported offset printing machine has defects. Shenzhen yuanhaolin successfully claimed that Mitsubishi

the small dot put down the big block

the imported offset printing machine has quality defects, and Shenzhen small enterprises successfully claimed against Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan

on the one hand, there are small enterprises with only 120 employees, and on the other hand, there are enterprise giants of the world's top 500. The results of the two sides with great differences in strength in a competition are surprising, and the big giant is actually put down by small enterprises. On November 30, the claim between Shenzhen yuanhaolin paper packaging Co., Ltd. and Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan caused by the quality problem of an imported offset press finally came to an end. Mitsubishi Corporation of Japan promised to compensate Shenzhen yuanhaolin paper packaging Co., Ltd. for 350000 Hong Kong dollars, and came to Shenzhen for free maintenance after new year's day in 2008. It also promised that after this repair, the quality problems that occur again in 5-10 years will also be repaired free of charge

yuanhaolin is a color printing company with only more than 120 employees. Due to its excellent printing quality and punctual delivery, it is well-known in the industry. This year, a Japanese customer is interested in cooperating with the company and wants to deliver an order of HK $300 million for measuring force of 300 sensors to them. To this end, the company decided to purchase a new Mitsubishi offset press from Mitsubishi, Japan

On October 4, this offset press worth HK $5.42 million arrived at yuanhaolin from Japan. During the installation and commissioning, the technicians sent by Mitsubishi Corporation found that the quality of the prints produced by the offset press trial could not meet the customer's requirements

plus taxes, loan interest, etc., this machine, which has cost yuan Haolin more than 8 million Hong Kong dollars, can't be used. According to the preliminary assessment of yuanhaolin, due to the decline of 75000 tons of coke inventory in the machine port, it can not be produced, and its direct economic loss per day is as high as more than 40000 yuan. It is also facing difficulties such as customers cancelling orders, being fined for late orders, and being unable to accept new orders

when contacting the equipment supplier Mitsubishi Heavy Industries printing press Hong Kong single torque Co., Ltd. and the head office in Japan to repair the equipment and compensate for the related losses, yuan Haolin received a polite but cold delay. As time went by, yuan Haolin not only didn't get a formal reply from Mitsubishi, but also the Japanese customer had broken down the original order of 30million, leaving only an order of 600000 Hong Kong dollars

On October 15, yuan Haolin submitted an emergency report to Bao'an inspection and Quarantine Bureau. The Bureau rushed to the scene for inspection and determined that the offset press had serious quality defects and was an unqualified imported product. Under the professional guidance of the mechanical and Electrical Department of Shenzhen Inspection and Quarantine Bureau, the Bureau issued an inspection certificate for the company on October 28. At the same time, the bureau gave detailed guidance on the details of the company's invitation to Japan for negotiation. In early November, yuanhaolin submitted a copy of the quality inspection certificate issued by the bureau to Mitsubishi and actively claimed against the equipment supplier. After receiving the quality inspection certificate from the inspection and quarantine department, Mitsubishi finally admitted the product quality problem, obtained the underwriting right by participating in shares, and reached the above agreement with yuanhaolin company

yuan Haolin's experience from this is that we should be good at using the impartiality, authority and professional guidance of government departments to increase our chances of winning international trade lawsuits. The Shenzhen Inspection and Quarantine Department reminded enterprises that it is also necessary to purchase insurance in international trade, including interest and loss insurance, equipment insurance, and requiring the seller to submit a quality guarantee deposit. Once the product has quality problems, the enterprise can minimize the loss

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