The hottest imported PVC will arrive at the end of

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Imported PVC will arrive at the end of the month.

the transaction price of foreign PVC exported to the Chinese market in the past two weeks. Next, Shandong Star High Tech will give you a simple explanation, and the total transaction volume and other issues once again become the focus of the market. The import transaction status will directly affect the PVC market trend in South China and East China at the end of November and early December

the transaction price of PVC exported to China from ocean going PVC, especially from North America and Latin America, has fallen to US dollars/t in the past two weeks (with forward); Russian small cars in the Far East are designed to attract potential buyers and are also reduced to USD/t; South Korea also lowered the transaction price to USD/t (with forward) in the first two weeks; Indonesia fell to $400/t. Thus, as of last week, the fact that Japan, Taiwan and Thailand have reduced the export transaction price has been formed. At present, Japan and Taiwan have exported a large number of PVC to China at a transaction price of $410/t (with forward). Moreover, these imported PV force measuring swing rods are not prohibited in the rising process. C is more concentrated in arriving before the end of November or the first ten days of December. Therefore, zouxinping, deputy secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the trade union of pingkuang group in the market, told Caixin that there is a certain pressure

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