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Abu Dhabi (March 13, 2012) the Ministry of environment and water resources (moew) of the United Arab Emirates has issued a notice that from next year, all bag suppliers and manufacturers imported from the United Arab Emirates must use oxygenated biodegradable additives

not only plastic bags, but also all kinds of packaged products and disposable products, such as semi-rigid plastic packaging for food and consumer durable goods, garbage bags and plastic bags put into garbage cans, as well as shrink film packaging and tray packaging

from now on, all plastic products must obtain certificates issued by the United Arab Emirates Bureau of standardization and Metrology (Esma). However, only plastic products based on oxygen-containing bioplastics can obtain the certificate, and such products must be made by adding decomposition AIDS from suppliers that have passed the Esma audit, and must meet the UAE 5009 standard for the utilization of computer network technology issued in 2009. (3) The relative uncertainty U3 introduced by the indication error of the supporting weights of the bar and the bar every other year

Esma announced that in the future, plastic bags and other plastic products will be strictly inspected at the port of entry, and products without ECAs certificates will be detained

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