The hottest imported ore market continues to rise

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The imported ore market continues to rise, and the power is insufficient. It is expected to stabilize in the short term.

today, the imported iron ore market is stable and rising. The prices of some varieties in the outer market rose significantly, the spot market quotation of domestic ports remained stable, and the bargaining space of some varieties increased slightly. At present, the market activity is weaker than before, the inquiry is light, the buyer and the seller are in a strong wait-and-see mood, and the market transaction slows down

at present, the steel and billet markets are operating stably. Affected by this, the mentality of merchants in the imported ore market is relatively stable, and their quotations are mainly stable. The quotations of some varieties continue to rise slightly due to the shortage of resources

according to the feedback of merchants, at present, the overall price of the external market is rising steadily, the mentality of merchants is stabilizing, and the market inquiry and offer are mostly stable, but the market transaction is light. Among them, the increase of printing powder is relatively obvious, especially the price of high-grade printing powder and Australian powder remains stable

it is reported that at present, most of the bidding is for Australia mine and Pakistan mine, and there are few bidding for India powder. 4. Magnification of force: × Futures offer is less. Among them, there were relatively more tenders for Australian mines, and the tender price fell slightly. Yesterday, the product was a hot partner in the supply chain of the project - Mauser packaging solution. On the day of the case, two mines in Australia invited tenders for 65% refined powder and 62.5% and 58% fine ore respectively, but there was no deal; Brazil's mine bidding is relatively few. Yesterday, Brazil tendered a ship of 250000 tons, 60% of which is Brazilian crude, but there is no deal yet; Yesterday, foreign traders quoted a ship of 63.5/63% printing powder, but the quotation was also too high, which made it difficult for the market to pick up. In fact, there was a trend of demand growth for extruders, so it was difficult to make a deal

at the same time, the domestic port spot market prices continue to rise, the power is insufficient, the quotation is stable as a whole, and the bargaining space of individual varieties reappears. At present, the market demand has slowed down, the inquiry is relatively light, the market is mostly wait-and-see, and the transaction is less

the monitoring shows that among the main ports, the prices of mainstream fine ores in Qingdao port, Rizhao Port, Zhenjiang port, Nantong port, Jiangyin port, Caofeidian port, Tianjin port, Jingtang Port, Lianyungang port, Beilun port, Zhanjiang port, Fangcheng port and other ports are unchanged from the previous day. Among them, Lianyungang has few mainstream Macao flour resources, and the quotation is relatively strong

before the festival, some steel mills replenished their inventories, and the quotations of merchants generally rose. However, as the replenishment of steel mills came to an end, the market demand was insufficient again, and the transaction began to slow down. At the same time, near the end of the month, the steel plant has great capital pressure, and the procurement is also more cautious, and the overall market transaction is weak. It can be seen that under the support of no transaction, the power of imported mines to continue to rise is obviously insufficient, and they may continue to maintain stability in the short term

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