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Imported wine seizes the Chinese market, domestic wine packaging is challenged

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core tip: how long has the oldest wine enterprise in Bordeaux, an important wine town in France, had a history? The answer is 290 years. With the title of "Bordeaux's oldest wine company", France's binderjes company will take China as its next expansion destination. Before that, its products have been sold to 137 countries and regions

[China Packaging News] how long has the oldest wine enterprise in Bordeaux, an important wine town in France, been established? The answer is 290 years. With the title of Bordeaux's oldest wine company, France's binderjes company will take China as its next expansion destination. Before that, its products have been sold to 137 countries and regions

in recent years, we have been studying the composition and needs of Chinese consumers. Philippe Marion, global marketing director of French binderjeth company, judged that China's middle-class social consumption is gradually taking shape, and this steady growth of new demand will become the main driving force for the re growth stage of the Chinese market

this judgment may also be based on the momentum of imported wine. Lu ronghua, honorary president of Shanghai wine Circulation Association, said in an interview with China business news that due to good quality and high cost performance, it is a general trend that imported wine accounts for an increasing proportion in the domestic wine industry. At present, the proportion of imported wine to domestic wine market in Shanghai, the country's largest wine consumption market, has reached 1:1

bet on the affluence of the public

in the enterprise directory of Bordeaux Wine Association, binderjes was founded in 172, gathering retired and dispersed domestic scientific and technological experts for five years. It is the oldest existing wine enterprise. According to the data, in 260 years, this company was run by the founder thomasbarton family. Until 2010, the largest wine enterprise in Europe, castelle group, fully acquired this enterprise

according to the customs data, the total volume of imported wine in China reached 383million liters in 2014, up 1.59% year-on-year. This group of data was interpreted by some industry insiders as a stop fall and recovery, which is also the basis to support binderjess to enter the Chinese market during the industry downturn

Philip Marion cited research and judgment to believe that the negative growth of imported wine will end in the medium and short term, and the annual growth rate can be maintained at more than 10%. The wine economics research center of the University of Adelaide in Australia even predicted that the import volume of domestic wine could reach 790million liters in 2018

high recognition should be the most important weight for this wine company to seize the market. Rong rikuan, the chairman of Beijing thymol wine company, which has acted as an agent for the above two wines, said that at present, most Chinese consumers do not know as much about wine as professionals, but they love it. Binderjes has two obvious characteristics that are easy to be accepted. One is the oldest wine enterprise in Bordeaux, and the other is that it sells well in 137 countries and regions. He believed that, This recognition is easily accepted by the middle class

at the same time, the Research Report of Forbes and other observation institutions on China's mass affluent class also pointed out that by the end of 2015, there will be more than 15million people in the mass affluent class with investable assets ranging from 600000 to 6million yuan, and a considerable number of young consumers, who converge in life and consumption concepts, will also constitute the mainstream consumer market of imported wine in China in the next 5 to 10 years. Rong rikuan said

wine expert Wang Dehui analyzed in an interview with China business news that the current situation of imported wine is so messy that many bottle types and logos are similar. Chinese consumers have low recognition of wine, so strengthening recognition has a higher probability of being selected. However, this does not mean being consumed

share crisis of domestic wine

whether this oldest Bordeaux wine company is bought by consumers or not, the reality is that Chinese people have increasingly accepted imported wine

3. Put the pendulum on the edge of the support with a wooden block, and align the sample with the notch to make the notch of the impact specimen at the center of the support span. The notch surface is under impact tension. Lu ronghua believes that the volume of imported wine in China will become larger and larger in the future. In 2002, the consumption of Shanghai wine was 100000 tons, and only 2000 tons were imported wine, which can be ignored, but in the past 11 years, The ratio of imported wine to domestic wine in Shanghai has become 1:1, with a total consumption of 200000 tons

wangdehui said: the experimental data will be automatically printed out. Although the capital intervention in imported wine is no longer crazy, in the downturn, since 2012, the capital intervention has been in the trend of growth. Even domestic wine enterprises have entered this wave, including Changyu and COFCO imported wine, which have gone to sea to look for imported wine resources

how will the ratio of imports to domestic products change in the future

the total amount of imported wine now accounts for about a quarter of the national wine consumption. Lu ronghua believes that the market share of the two will gradually narrow in the future. Shanghai is an example, which is a trend, because the cost performance of imported wine is higher than that of domestic wine

when visiting the market, I also saw that some imported wines from France, Argentina and Australia were labeled with imported goods, but the prices were below 100 yuan. Both imported goods and cheap prices, these products occupy far more display cabinets than domestic wine

Xi Kang, Assistant Secretary General of the professional committee of imported wine market of China Alcohol Circulation Association, analyzed in an interview that this difference is related to the domestic alcohol consumption culture. In fact, the production cost of domestic wine is lower than that of foreign countries, but a lot of marketing resources are invested, and the mode of operation is also similar to that of Baijiu enterprises, so the gross profit margin is very high. But in foreign countries, the main focus of wine is price performance. In the United States, a bottle of yellow tail kangaroo wine is only $5-6. At present, domestic importers sell a bottle of wine for several yuan, which mainly depends on the volume. If the scale is small, plus the operating expenses, it will be at a loss, so it appears that the samples often used for import are plastic sheets or 0.005~0.500in Thick injection molded disc liquor terminal price is low

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