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Open machine tool controller helps Taiwan machine tool seize industrial 4.0 business opportunities

Taiwan machine tool manufacturing, export or use quantity ranks among the top five in the world. Precision industry is Taiwan's strength, but Taiwan machine tool industry is in fact a hidden rock. Because Taiwan machine tools are mainly middle and low-level models, China is now catching up in the low-level market; In the high-end market, affected by the depreciation of the Japanese currency, the Japanese high-end models sell well, and the middle-end market gradually declines. In the M-type tool machine market, Taiwan Machinery Co., Ltd. is facing a double whammy. At that time, the industry 4.0 smart factory is in the ascendant, and the open machine tool control architecture seems to be an opportunity for Taiwan Machinery Co., Ltd. to transform

intelligent controller is one of the key components of machine tool. Taiwan machine tool factory used to rely on imports from Japan, Germany and other foreign enterprises because it lacked highly effective service client technology for control. However, Japanese and German enterprises are also competitors in the same industry and are naturally unwilling to output high-order controllers. Therefore, Taiwan machine tool factory mainly focuses on the market of medium and low-order machine tools

however, linhongzhou, general manager of Xinhan industrial computer business unit, pointed out that the traditional machine tool adopts a closed architecture, and the control program is not flexible enough to be used. Under the new production mode of "order receiving production", "a small number of diversified customization", "multi factory collaborative manufacturing" and even "unmanned" of industry 4.0 intelligent factory, the machine tool needs to move towards an open architecture, and the use of PC based controller is the breakthrough point for the factory

open CNC and cloud flexibly respond to various work orders

the machine tool with open architecture adopts PC based controller, which can not only recognize the work orders to be put into production, but also interpret Solvay's latest advanced polymer solution side computing technology for medical devices and equipment in combination with Mr. Jeff Hrivnak, global business manager of cloud Solvay healthcare, and automatically download appropriate software from the cloud according to product attributes, Self establish corresponding operation behavior ability, and continuously and stably implement necessary material picking and production steps; Similarly, when the machine tool is faced with the next completely different production task due to small load, it can also quickly establish the required behavior capability according to this mode, which fully echoes the demands of smart factory of industry 4.0

if the Taiwan factory can put into the open machine tool architecture as soon as possible, establish the independent R & D capability of PC based controllers, and take advantage of the situation to breed intelligent machines, such as computerized numerical, which will make the aircraft lighter, its interior more exciting al control, CNC and intelligent robots, and establish a niche in the industry 4.0 business opportunity competition in advance, so as to get rid of the shadow of foreign competition, or turn the crisis into a turning point, Regain the right to serve

in view of this, on the one hand, Xinhan has actively introduced technologies from Europe and invested in the research and development of open CNC controllers. On the other hand, it has combined embedded pro and automation pro, and has been deeply engaged in the development of fanless computers for a long time. It has formed a new team in-house to transform the above research and development achievements into solutions suitable for customers, and has achieved practical results, Successfully imported domestic manipulator and CNC machine

linhongzhou disclosed that according to the plan of Xinhan, the overall solution will include two types: one is the open CNC control solution, which contains different options for 2D (3-axis) and 3D (5-axis), both of which support single process and double process at the same time; The other is an open robot control solution, which can provide a variety of options such as shaft coupling, parallel or parallel joint robot arm (SCARA) according to the robot attributes

the most common feature of these schemes is that they are "open", which can be flexibly adjusted according to various sizes or parameters, so as to adapt to different institutions, so that customers can easily produce unique CNC systems or robots

in summary, to realize the industrial 4.0 production mode, we must rely on the series connection of intelligent factory, intelligent machinery and intelligent products. In this value chain, the open CNC controller combined with the cloud is undoubtedly the hub. It can control the machine downwards and connect the factory and the world upwards. It not only greatly jumps out of the traditional CNC pattern, but also brings rich transformation opportunities for Taiwan's machine tool industry

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