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Great changes in opening up foreigners see: drones let humans "fly" freely like birds

international news (wangtingting): if humans want to fly freely like birds, then Drones will be a good choice. On December 9, the documentary media from the eight ASEAN countries visited Yihang intelligent company to experience UAV, VR and other intelligent technologies from a zero distance

overseas media visited Yihang intelligent company photography: Zhaobo

Yihang intelligent company is a world leading intelligent aircraft high-tech innovation enterprise integrating R & D, production, sales and service. It provides customers in various industries with simple, intelligent, safe and efficient aircraft products and solutions, including autopilot aircraft, industry application UAV, UAV logistics and distribution UAV cluster formation, etc

people in overseas media have many questions about the UAV technology, such as how high the UAV can fly, how to operate the UAV, how it can be used in real life, and so on. During the visit, these questions were answered one by one

pengiran samsul rezal Malek faesal, producer of Brunei rezal Malek faesal production company, experienced that the mechanical properties of Yihang 184 are more important than other physical properties aircraft Photography: Zhao Bo

g. after the test, it can be automatically archived and manually archived. Li Zhao, project manager of Yihang intelligent company, introduced that Yihang intelligent focuses on the intelligent technology of aircraft flight itself and the innovation of travel mode. The world's first software/app based control mode significantly reduces the control threshold and brings users a minimalist UAV control experience. Yihang is also the first enterprise in the world to realize the 4g/5g network connection of intelligent UAVs. Through the 4g/5g network for ultra long-distance control and data transmission, Yihang has greatly opened up the space for industrial applications, such as cross-border applications in environmental protection monitoring, fire emergency rescue, inspection of important facilities, accurate measurement and mapping, public safety management, road traffic supervision, etc

overseas media people watched the photography of Yihang intelligent UAV products: Zhao Bo

the drizzle in Guangzhou on that day was hazy, but they still couldn't stop the enthusiasm of overseas media people to explore UAV and VR technology. They came to the rooftop to experience the operation of UAV

sophea koeung, producer of the Cambodian state people's television mission of the week, said: it is a very magical experience to overlook the earth from a unique perspective from the sky. This technology is really amazing. He believes that UAV and VR technology in the medical device industry are a great progress in human science and technology. New technology can not only benefit mankind, but also promote the sustainable development of the whole country

Vietnam line reported to do van Anh that after experiencing the UAV operation and VR technology, he said very definitely: great! This technology will be widely used in the future. And said that if this technology can be popularized, it will greatly change our lives

do van Anh experience UAV operation and VR technology Photography: Zhao Bo's

reality is exactly the same. On june8,2018, Yihang intelligence and a retail brand Da fixed the samples into a strategic cooperation, opened the first UAV distribution demonstration store in China, and opened the first batch of domestic UAV logistics and distribution normal operation flight routes in cities. Compared with the traditional way of manual distribution through couriers, the distribution time was reduced by 40%-60%. This UAV technology helps the innovative exploration of air logistics, enables technology enabled retailing, improves the experience of user consumption scenarios, and makes people's lives more convenient and interesting

speaking of the application and popularization of new technologies, Al fayyadh bin metusin, producer of Brunei radio and television, said that China has done very well in this regard. Al fayyadh bin metusin came to Guangzhou two years ago, where he came into contact with many advanced technologies. He believed that Guangzhou, which is developing rapidly, is the epitome of China's development after the reform and opening up

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