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Figure Kaimu PDM helps Dasen packaging machinery to build an information blue

Dasen packaging machinery Changkong Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Dasen packaging machinery) signed a contract with Kaimu to use Kaimu PDM system to establish a thorough product data management system, establish a perfect product research and development mechanism, accelerate the speed of product listing and improve product quality

founded in december1994, Dawson packaging machinery is a Sino Japanese joint venture, the first brand of Japanese packaging machinery, and the only joint venture and agent of Japan Dawson Machinery Industry Co., Ltd. in China. It has successively developed more than 30 products of eight series, including m5000 series, m5100 series, m5600 series, m5700 series, PA series, heat shrinking series, se5000 series, and related auxiliary equipment, Not only has it occupied the domestic package, we have to pay attention to the following two points: as a medium and high-end market in the public travel tool industry, but also the products are exported to all over the world

Dasen packaging machinery introduced SAP system in 2005 to realize information management of upstream links such as sales, R & D and materials. However, due to the diversification of customer needs, the tedious and long cycle of product R & D, the huge and difficult product data, we are still confident in managing the extensive use of the "bottom-up design" method based on imitation and experiment. In view of Kaimu's rich experience in the information field of printing and packaging machinery industry and solid technical R & D skills, Dawson packaging machinery finally decided to use Kaimu PDM system to realize the standardization of product data Design process optimization and resource sharing, and dredge upstream and downstream product data flow to speed up product launch

in this project, the PDM system of Kaimu company will assist enterprises to sort out business processes, establish an easy-to-use data management platform according to local conditions, comprehensively manage information in all stages and aspects of the product life cycle, set up convenient and standardized work processes, and monitor the entire product R & D process, so as to improve product design and R & D efficiency. At the same time, according to the design characteristics of the three-dimensional model of the enterprise, it realizes the management of the product number of two-dimensional engineering drawings, dredges the information channel between sap and the open project PDM system, makes the product data consistent and accurate, and establishes an efficient data management mechanism

the online application of Kaimu PDM system has added a strong mark to the informatization blueprint of Dasen packaging machinery, promoted the pace of deepening the application of enterprise informatization, will start the journey of realizing the whole product life cycle, bring a revolution in product data management to the enterprise, and lay a solid foundation for the enterprise to expand the foreign market and enhance the core competitiveness

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