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Ceiling will be made in house decoration, but there are many styles of ceiling. Making a suitable ceiling according to the decoration style at home will bring different effects. At present, the popular ceiling style is Chinese style. Now, let's share the characteristics of Chinese living room ceiling and the decoration skills of Chinese living room ceiling

I. characteristics of Chinese living room ceiling

1. Chinese living room ceiling cannot be decorated with too deep colors or too fancy, otherwise it will give people a very depressing feeling and make the whole family lose a warm and comfortable feeling. In Chinese decoration, the floor should be coordinated with the furniture, otherwise too much color will affect the overall decoration effect

2. Chinese style decoration mainly includes ceilings, doors and windows. Home decoration must not be as luxurious and high-end as hotels and other places. According to their own economic conditions and layout, you can choose several decoration as the focus to create a Chinese style atmosphere and achieve the best results

3. Because the ceiling of Chinese living room has history and culture, the cultural connotation should be reflected in the design. Generally, the main decoration is Chinese lattice, window flower, Bogu frame, etc. the patterns are generally paintings, ceramic patterns and other patterns. The space decoration has a sense of hierarchy, reflects the historical design style, and has a strong flavor of Chinese culture

the above is the characteristics of the ceiling of the Chinese living room. You can understand that if you also like the Chinese style, you should carefully create your own home for yourself, and then learn the ceiling decoration skills of the Chinese living room together

II. Chinese living room ceiling decoration skills

1. If the light at home is bad, you can use lights to make up for it. Design some sky lights around the ceiling to make the light of the whole room better. The light shines from the ceiling, which is not dazzling, because the sky light is close to the sunlight, which is most suitable for the living room with poor lighting. The living room uses a recessed ceiling, so that the living room will not give people a sense of depression, and it is particularly comfortable to live

2. The better shape of Chinese ceiling is the design of thick around and thin in the middle. This can alleviate the depression of the ceiling, and the visual effect is better. It looks particularly comfortable. The recess in the middle of the ceiling also symbolizes the water gathering Tianchi, which is of great benefit to the residence. Hanging a crystal lamp in the middle is more perfect and plays the role of the finishing touch

editor's summary: the above is about the characteristics of Chinese living room ceiling and the relevant contents of Chinese living room ceiling decoration skills. I hope it will be helpful to you. If you need to know more about decoration, please continue to pay attention to our decoration information, and the highlights will continue to appear in the later stage




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