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In the past two years, customized furniture has begun to enter many young families, and there is a market when there is demand. Many investors see this business opportunity and want to be furniture agents one after another. But if you want to be a furniture agent, you must first be familiar with the various processes of furniture agent

if you want to be a furniture agent, understanding the market industry is the first step. China's furniture market structure is changing. In the next five years, urbanization will become an important driving force for the rapid development of China's furniture industry. In addition to the first tier cities, the demand of the second and third tier cities will also rise significantly. According to Xiaobian, the whole house customized brand of Deville, with its deep market insight, has been infiltrating the brand influence into the second and third tier cities. At present, it covers about 500 dealers and more than 600 exclusive stores across the country. These phenomena can be seen that the market potential behind customized furniture is huge

if you want to be a furniture agent, the second step is to choose a good store address. The store must have enough traffic and consumption power to support the cost of furniture stores. Deville generally suggests that dealers choose to open stores in business districts, building materials markets, furniture cities and other places, which can bring sufficient customer sources and consumption power, and is conducive to the formation of scale effects

if you want to be a furniture agent, the third step is to choose a franchise brand. Investors need to know the background of the brand first-hand. In the early stage, they can choose to know some furniture brands on the search engine and the official website. At the same time, they can also know their online promotion efforts and methods. To choose the right brand, you need to make an appointment with the company to understand the internal management of the enterprise and the production strength of the factory. Deville has more than 100000 square meters of two modern industrial parks, the introduction of Germany, Italy and other world-class furniture production flow system, the use of intelligent, information technology, the whole process without landing production, has laid a strong strength guarantee for product quality! For franchise support, Deville provides franchisees with all-round franchise support, including decoration subsidies, model discounts, training promotion, activity assistance, etc. for franchisees, it can not only fill the lack of experience, but also save a lot of entrepreneurial costs

it is not easy to start a business, and we should cherish it. Only by making a good choice at every step can the furniture franchise business be rewarded

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