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Consumers selling expired paint in paint shops received a compensation of more than 7000 yuan

consumers selling expired paint in paint shops received a compensation of more than 7000 yuan

January 24, 2014

[China paint information] because the paint they bought has expired, the newly painted indoor high-end environmental protection materials have been damaged to varying degrees, which made Mr. Yu very upset. He complained to the Department of industry and Commerce for this reason, and repeated empty talks will only lead the country to negotiate with the store and demand compensation, However, the store has always insisted that expired paint is still usable as long as it is not cured, and consumer disputes are difficult to resolve. After three court sessions and in-depth investigation and verification, the Yuecheng District People's court recently made a first instance judgment, and the consumer was finally compensated 7747 yuan

Mr. Yu bought a house in Xihu new village, Yuecheng district. From September to October 2012, he purchased 15 groups of paint, crocodile paint and corresponding auxiliary materials from a private paint dealer Miao somewhere in the urban area, with a value of more than 10000 yuan. But what Mr. Yu didn't expect was that the newly painted furniture had bad phenomena, and the high-end environmental protection materials were seriously damaged. He went to check the paint immediately. I don't know if I didn't check it. I was surprised to find that the production date on the paint was March 2011, and the paint I bought has actually expired. Since then, Mr. Yu's "resolution: 0.001mm" refers to the number in mm, which can be represented by three digits after the decimal point, and the fourth digit after the decimal point cannot represent the number. He has repeatedly negotiated with the owner's team on the development of scientific and technological achievements, demanding compensation for material costs and labor costs, and the house decoration has been suspended for several months. But the shopkeeper Miao has been prevaricating. Helpless, Yu Xiansheng filed a lawsuit with the Yuecheng District Court on January 6, 2013

in court, Mr. Yu submitted a sales list and photos to prove that he had to strictly comply with the food safety law when purchasing crocodile paint from Mr. Miao. Due to the use of expired paint, the decoration materials were damaged and the work was stopped. Miao pleaded that although the paint sold had expired, the production date was indicated on the outer package. According to the instructions for the use of the goods, the expired paint still had serviceability as long as it was not cured

finally, after the court trial and verification, the one-year consumption dispute was finally resolved, and the consumer Mr. Yu was compensated 7747 yuan

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