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2019 Shanghai Autumn hardware exhibition booth details consulting company [Xiubo exhibition]

2019 Shanghai Autumn hardware exhibition booth details consulting company [Xiubo exhibition]

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product brand Shanghai Xiubo Exhibition Co., Ltd. product models and booths are complete. Production city Shanghai shipping city Shanghai total supply 10000 minimum starting order 1 product unit price 1 unit of measurement product details

2019 Shanghai Autumn hardware exhibition booth details consulting company [Xiubo exhibition]

China International Hardware Exhibition (CIHS) was founded in 2001, In more than ten years, CIHS has complied with the market and served five laboratory industries under the Research Institute, and has rapidly developed into the world's second largest hardware exhibition, with an exhibition area of 150000 square meters, known as the "world tool hardware professional exhibition"

CIHS' 19 will continue to help the rapid development of China's tool industry, make the upper and lower jaws different, promote China's high-quality tool products and brands to go abroad, enter terminal consumption, promote the improvement of product quality and grade, and finally realize industrial upgrading. CIHS' 19 will continue to adhere to the balanced development strategy of developing both domestic and international markets. Driven by the overall development of the exhibition and the introduction of new audience organization channels and means, while maintaining the advantages of traditional European and American market channels, emerging market audiences will become the main growth point; At the same time, the exhibition will strengthen the development of second and third tier cities and industrial fields in the domestic market, and it is expected that professional tool buyers and dealers at home and abroad will maintain sustained growth

2019 China International Hardware Exhibition will continue to be held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), which is jointly built by the state and Shanghai. It is located in the west of the core area of Hongqiao Business District in Shanghai, and is only 1.5 kilometers away from the Hongqiao transportation hub. It is closely connected with Hongqiao high-speed railway station and Hongqiao Airport through the subway. The surrounding expressway network extends in all directions, and the important cities in the Yangtze River Delta can be reached within 2 hours, with very convenient transportation

in the words of Xia Ting, chairman of Jincheng Group, who further increased the popularity of five brands, is "to grasp Chuangwei is to grasp the development of the market". When you think about it carefully, this sentence is full of charm. Just think about it: when we visit a friend's house, as soon as we enter the door, we see a messy living room. How will we feel in our hearts, and will we feel sorry because we don't feel respected? If we enter the door, we see the snacks and fruits carefully prepared by the host for you, The living room is spotless. Do you feel very happy in your heart, just like meeting guests and seeing friends? The hardware city market is the "big living room" of Yongkang City, which welcomes merchants and tourists from all over the country every day. It can be said that to do a good job in sanitation is our most basic requirement and way of hospitality. After more than 30 years of trials and tribulations, the hardware city market, compared with the new modern and information market in terms of hardware and software construction, There is no doubt that there is a big gap. To carry out the work of creating health is an innovation and transformation that is both face-saving and internal for the hardware city market and all operators. Creating health seems to be a temporary solution, but it is actually a permanent solution, and it seems to be external, but it is internal

learn about the development history of the village affairs supervision committee, the promotion of grass-roots rural governance, closing, forgetting the password, exhibition overview, organizers, exhibitors' instructions, exhibition activities review, Yongkang warm reminder, exhibition guide, exhibition schedule, exhibition process, booth application, participation fee payment account, exhibition agreement, booth plan, service center, * * * notice: the 24th China Hardware Expo will start registration on July 1, 2019, "Exhibition tourism" has driven the hot sales of hardware gifts. 20 the sudden change of supply and demand pattern has also brought the market "in a short time; High fever rdquo; With the holding of various exhibitions and the approaching of the new year, all kinds of hardware gifts with exquisite workmanship and packaging in the hardware city market have ushered in a new round of sales boom. The economy of "exhibition tourism" has become prominent. Recently, I saw in a hardware gift center in Jindu city market that many consumers are busy shopping for gifts. The customer, Mr. Cheng, said that he came to buy gifts for his boss, and the end of each year is the peak of the company's orders, Naturally, gifts should be given to regular customers

upgrading from traditional exhibitions to 'Internet exhibitions' provides a good platform for promoting product sales and improving corporate image. "Carry forward hardware culture and occupy the commanding height of the industry. Yongkang Hardware culture has a long history. Through combing and promoting hardware history and culture, Yongkang can establish its position in the development of the hardware industry, and through strengthening brand and improving management quality in operation, It can also further enhance the brand image of Yongkang in the current hardware field. At the beginning of the establishment of China Science and Technology Hardware City, the enterprise executives closely followed the string of hardware culture, established the China Hardware Museum, Yongkang Hardware famous products exhibition hall, foreign hardware products exhibition hall, hardware square and square group carvings, and established a large-scale famous enterprise famous products exhibition hall in the International Convention and Exhibition Center to further enrich the cultural connotation of the market, By carrying out activities such as "corporatization of business scale, networking of business methods, branding of business goods, and export-oriented business channels", famous enterprises and famous products have increased year by year, according to statistical data

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