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Consumer goods packaging industry in the digital electronic era

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core tip: digital technology is changing the whole era, and its three driving elements are people, information and science and technology

[China Packaging News] digital technology is changing the whole era, and its three driving elements are people, information and technology

advances in computer, tablet and other technologies have enabled hundreds of millions of consumers worldwide to interact with each other. Massive amounts of information have made our world smaller through microblogging and pushing to individuals. This change has also had a significant impact on the packaging of products. Digital media not only improves the popularity of brands in consumer groups, but also provides consumers with new ways of shopping

in 2000, television and publications were also the main positions of advertising. After seeing these advertisements, consumers have the idea of buying, and they have already thought about what to buy before entering the retail store

In 2002, P & G announced that it would increase the first-sight effect of product packaging, emphasizing that the packaging of products should be able to stand out among many products on store shelves. Their research shows that products with special packaging are more attractive to consumers than products in advertising

in 2010, consumers' shopping concepts changed again. Internet has created a zero eye effect for shoppers, that is, consumers can directly get the experience of others' latest products from social networking posts, blogs, microblogs, videos, etc. More and more consumers decide their purchase behavior through others' evaluation of products

shoppers' behavior will continue to change, and is affected by the following six factors:

1 Take it at once. Instant gratification is born from the interconnection and on-demand of all things. Consumers can buy most products instantly. In order to meet the needs of consumption, businesses need to improve production time and reduce the time left for packaging

2. Consumers expect more. Human beings have never been so closely connected as they are now. Consumers can pay attention to their favorite brands around the world through networking. Consumers and brands also make co creation of brands a new trend through the Internet. From Nike sports shoes, Harley cars, to Shujie paper towels and Yida gum packaging, there are personalized products for consumers. Brand makers should not only sell fixed brands in large chain stores, but also add more flexible supply chains

3. Innovative Economics is another way to learn. Innovanomics has not been strictly defined yet. It means how the economic leader Jinan testing machine should respond to the innovation in the field of use on this ces and describe the continuous changes of our times. Packaging and products are being updated faster and faster, and consumers are constantly replacing their products with new and innovative products. Manufacturers must constantly carry out product innovation and upgrading to meet the insatiable needs of consumers

4. Normalized environmental protection. Around 2000, people gradually had the concept of environmental protection, and now this idea has been relatively popular. It first comes from the self-regulation efforts of retailers such as Wal Mart, Carrefour and other consumer goods companies. They began to provide specific environmental information for their products. Nowadays, applications can monitor, track and record personal carbon footprint (that is, all the factors that cause greenhouse gas emissions from the production of products to the hands of consumers). It has become popular for people to share carbon footprint scores in social networks

5. Growth in emerging markets. As a hot topic in many media reports, this topic has been well known by the public. Although the global economy is slowing down and facing many difficulties, the economic growth experiment of the BRICs countries as emerging markets shows that when the fiber or yarn exceeds the yield point, it is significant

6. neuroscience. With the development of perception, we can see how the brain works by measuring and recording brain waves, and paste multiple sensors on the forehead of the tester's brain, so that we can measure people's reaction to product packaging. The experimental results show that this method is reliable and effective. In the future, consumer companies can use this technology to reasonably determine the best packaging plan

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