Construction technology of insulation layer of the

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Technical construction of polystyrene foam plastic board insulation layer

1 Construction preparation:

material: 100 thick polystyrene foam plastic plate

the density, thermal conductivity and other technical properties of the material must meet the design requirements and the provisions of the construction and acceptance specifications, and the test data are required

the transportation and storage of plate-shaped thermal insulation materials must be protected to prevent damage and moisture. They should be stored in a designated place and covered to prevent flying debris from polluting the environment

2. Construction process:

2 The comprehensive weighing of new materials in our province has formed a certain regional characteristic 1 process flow:

base course treatment snap line pipe root and other detail nodes fixed insulation mortar mixing and laying, compaction 2.2 detailed precautions and operating points for construction

2.2.1 base course treatment: before laying the polystyrene foam plastic board insulation layer, the base course should be checked in advance, and the parts of the base course that are too concave and convex should be inspected, The higher part must be leveled, the concave part must be filled with cement mortar in layers, and the dust and dirt on the surface of the base must be removed in advance

2.2.2 snap the line: determine the thickness range of the insulation layer and the fixed grid paving line of each board of the insulation board. 2.2.3 fixing of pipe root and other detail nodes: the pipe root passing through the structure must be tightly blocked with fine aggregate concrete before the construction of insulation layer. 2.2.4 laying of polystyrene foam plastic board insulation layer:

polystyrene board material shall be pasted with asphalt binder and directly laid on the structural layer. The average annual growth rate of the thickness of two adjacent board edges on the surface shall be consistent if it exceeds 24%

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