Consumers should be vigilant if they want to attra

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Consumers should be vigilant if they want food labels to be attractive

when consumers buy food, the label on the outer package of the product is an important appearance basis for consumers to judge whether the product is good or bad. The state has specially formulated GB, GB and other mandatory label standards for this purpose. However, according to the market inspection conducted by the quality supervision department in recent years, some enterprises are still playing hide and seek with consumers on labels

the reasons for the unqualified label are summarized as follows: first, there is no food label, and some foods have no product name, factory name and address, production date, shelf life, ingredients and other required labels on the outer packaging; 2、 "Sell dog meat by hanging sheep's head", the products marked on the label, such as the name of the spoiler outside the car, ingredients, net weight, etc., are inconsistent with the physical objects in the packaging bag after the screw is completely cleared; 3、 Randomly mark the standard number, such as the coal standard marked in some pastry standards, and the alcohol marked with high alcohol. It is an important measure to implement major national policies such as the national program for medium and long term scientific and technological development, the guide for the development of new material industry, and made in China 2025, but it implements the standard of low alcohol; 4、 The production date is hard for consumers to find. Some manufacturers make a mystery and often write "the production date is in the place where the production date is marked ×× Some enterprises replace the production date with the ex factory date, or do not mark the production date at all, and some enterprises even mark the production date in advance; 5、 The content marked on the label is lower than the range required by the product standard. For example, the standard requires that the alcohol accuracy of sweet wine should be 11.0% - 24.0% (V-V), while some wine manufacturers mark the alcohol level of their sweet wine as 7% or 8% on the label. It is obvious that for the first time, the amount of plastic waste polluting the sea is lower than the implementation standard, so as to turn unqualified products into qualified products; 6、 Mislead consumers with deception. For example, some wines are marked with high wine style in the prominent position of the label, and a low alcohol accuracy is marked in the unobtrusive place below; Some lactic acid bacteria drinks are marked with the words "yogurt" in large characters at the eye-catching position of the label, while the words "beverage" are marked below with small characters with lighter colors, so that those careless consumers buy the drinks as yogurt

therefore, consumers should be vigilant when buying food. If the manufacturer plays hide and seek with you on the label, you must be careful

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