Consumer loses the most popular Fangqi advertising

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Consumers in the dufangqi advertising case lost

consumers in the dufangqi advertising case lost

September 23, 2005

it was believed that the "non-toxic and tasteless" dufangqi actually contained toxic substances and was suspected of false electronic universal testing machine. If it was found that there was oil leakage propaganda and deceived consumers, Mr. Sun took mefete (Beijing) coating Co., Ltd. to court. On September 22, Beijing Haidian court rejected Mr. Sun's lawsuit. Because after testing, the toxic content of Dufang paint meets the national standard

mefett (Beijing) coating Co., Ltd. issued two test reports from the environmental supervision and testing center and the China Center for Disease Control of decorative materials of the China Light Industry Federation, such as aircraft collision. After hearing, the court held that according to the test report, the content of toxic substances in Dufang paint met the national standard, so the product publicity was not improper and did not deceive consumers, so it did not support Mr. Sun's lawsuit

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