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Industry 4.0 and Internet + jointly create new market protagonists: consumer

industry 4.0 and Internet + jointly create new market protagonists: consumer

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what is a "consumer"

all along, only operators make money and consumers spend money. If consumers want to make money, they want to participate in the distribution of commercial profits! It was unimaginable before, but today, with the development of the times, consumers have finally entered the era of revolutionary change, and consumers can finally participate in the distribution of commodity profits. Just change your mind, be an integrator of resources, find more preferential consumption channels, and find more confused consumers, you can be a consumer and achieve your business dream

the concept of consumer business has just been introduced in China. There is a similar concept in foreign countries, which is translated into China as "production consumer". The customer commented that it is both a producer and a consumer

characteristics of consumer business

consumer business is first and foremost a business entity. As a new business entity, it must have its own uniqueness

consumer business is a new opportunity marketing doctrine, which gives others not only products but also opportunities

what consumers lead is "spend the money that should have been spent, and earn money that could not have been earned", which brings a new profit distribution rule

consumers do not need large investment, have no employees and do not need management. They are a business entity with zero risk

consumers are just disseminators of opportunities (saving money + making money). They are not responsible for specific operations. They are the best wealth free operators

consumer is a business model with the lightest assets

consumer business can be the first profession or the second profession

what consumers bring is a consumption revolution, which enables consumers to participate in the profit distribution, so that more people become consumers, and the distribution is more reasonable

consumers will become the key subject of sales. Superiority and the original store are the best complementarity in the Internet era

consumer and traditional business

consumer is a new business entity identity generated by the market entering the new economy. Before consumer, there were classic traditional dealers, and then there were direct selling models to generate consumer, entering the era of e-commerce. The generation of new identity in each era is suitable for the development of different groups, and has also achieved the achievements of people at different levels

obviously, dealers are people who operate the market and need large funds to operate

consumers only need to experience the product and share the effect of using the product with more people, without operating funds

the wheel of history will move towards the era of consumer business in an all-round way

in the era of agricultural economy, economic activities take land as the core, and landlords hold a lot of wealth; In the era of industrial economy, economic activities take products as the core, and entrepreneurs have become the envy of people; In the post industrial economy era, economic activities take channels as the core, and dealers have become the most beautiful people

now, entering the era of information economy, what should be the core of economic activities? Who will become the darling of the times? In the era of information economy, consumers will be the core of economic activities, and consumers will become the darling of the times

at present, all those who engage in legitimate business deeply realize that business is becoming more and more difficult. Whether the products produced are good or bad, there are too many joint research and collaborative innovation; We have accelerated the construction of the horizontal innovation system, and some of them have reached the level of flooding. It is really difficult to sell good products. Because the operation of the circulation link of products from producers to consumers is also very difficult, and the competition has exceeded imagination. If a product creates popularity, there will be counterfeits, and ultimately the producers and consumers will be hurt

economic activities have entered the terminal. Whoever can own and lock in consumers can make money! Now, everyone in business is thinking about this: how to own and target consumers

yesterday, all product profits were created by our consumers, but they were all shared by manufacturers and distributors. Our consumers have nothing but products whose price is much higher than their value. Information asymmetry leads to blind, passive and helpless consumption, and there are few ways we can choose

today, with the opening of the market, there are more good products. Where and what do we want to buy? We have a choice, we have full decision-making power. Therefore, for producers and distributors, consumers have become the core of economic activities, which contain huge wealth and countless business opportunities

the era of consumers' the final say has come

as a consumer, how to actively participate in wealth distribution and become a consumer business

consumers are businessmen who take consumers as business objects. (the consumer is the core of the consumption link)

producers refer to: the production link takes the production of products as the core

distributors refer to those whose core is sales channels

this definition enables us to understand the basic content of business in all aspects. It can be said that many of our previous economic theories did not serve our consumers, but rather producers and distributors. Since the starting point is not on our consumers' side and we don't understand economic theory, it's no wonder that many business terms are not centered on our consumers

however, the wheel of history has brought us into the information age, and all these are changing rapidly. The era of consumers' elation has come, and we finally have the right to speak

the economic competition in the information age is centered on consumers. As a visionary and capable consumer who has made extensive use of traditional packaging fields such as food, drugs, household chemicals, precision instruments, meters and electronics, it is necessary to organize consumers around him and lead everyone to share wealth distribution with manufacturers. Because the organization and management of consumers, pay labor, there will be benefits, this is business behavior, so such a consumer is a businessman, so it is called a consumer

in fact, consumer behavior has long existed, but people have ignored this concept. For example, if you buy a beautiful and cheap dress and tell your colleagues and friends that they don't know where it is, you can take them to buy it. In other words, you guide consumption. However, the boss who sells clothes doesn't give you any benefits. At most, he helps his friend. At this time, your behavior is already a consumer behavior. However, you, a businessman, did not earn a penny and did unprofitable business activities

the process of competing for consumers, that is, the process of owning and locking consumers, is actually a process of making consumers move from decentralization to alliance. In the process of competition in this new era, it is not done by manufacturers or distributors, but only by US consumers

because our positions are consistent, it is easy to reach unity in concept and cooperate in action. Why is that? Because there were countless manufacturers and distributors who jointly took away the money of our consumers, leaving only products with high prices and low values, or even fake and inferior products, which hurt our kind desire to buy again and again, and made us lose the confidence of happy consumption

since it is an inevitable process for consumers to move from decentralization to alliance in the new era of green development, as a consumer, if you don't take the initiative to unite with others today, you will become a consumer business. Tomorrow, others will unite with you, and he will grow into a consumer business! There is no need to say more about the economic interests. Maybe, before long, when you meet and greet your friend, he will proudly tell you that he is a consumer

it will be a great revolution for consumers to grow into consumers

it can be predicted that in the near future, consumer business will be a very promising career and will also achieve a large number of rich people

therefore, Ma Huateng shared at an Internet Conference: when your user base is large enough, your business model is no longer a problem. In other words: when you have a large enough consumer group, you can make money selling any product, provided that this product does not harm consumers

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