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Women's Day: the consumption of nonwoven bags has increased significantly

on the eve of the "March 8th" women's day, businesses that know how to do business have taken various measures to attract women to shop. Nonwoven packaging bags, which are frequently used in the sales of many women's goods, have attracted much attention

difficulties in using it properly

at Beijing New World Mall, Ms. Wu bought underwear at Diane's counter. Before stuffing it into a paper bag, the clerk first packed the neatly sorted underwear into a very thin nonwoven bag, which is neither exposed nor more hygienic. At present, Ms. Wu gladly accepted the shipping fee of $25.955/ton from Brazil to China. She said that the small move of the brand was very useful to consumers

at Beijing Huatang shopping mall, Miss Jing bought facial mask at a cosmetics counter. The salesperson put various items into a small white hard nonwoven bag. Miss Jing said that after the "plastic restriction order", this way is more environmentally friendly

consumers' ideas are reasonable

the raw material of nonwoven bags is mostly polypropylene, while the raw material of plastic bags is polyethylene oxide. Although the names of the two substances are similar, the chemical structures of the two substances are very different. The chemical molecular structure of polyethylene is quite stable and difficult to degrade, so it takes 300 years for plastic bags to decompose; The chemical structure of polypropylene is not firm, and the molecular chain can be easily broken, so it can be effectively degraded, and enter the next environmental cycle in a non-toxic form. A nonwoven bag can be completely decomposed in 90 days

because of this consideration of environmental factors, the state implemented the "plastic restriction order" in 2008, requiring the paid use of plastic shopping bags, and advocating non-woven shopping bags and packaging bags

nonwovens are fiber products with soft, breathable and planar structure that are directly formed by using polymer chips, short fibers or filaments through various fiber forming methods and consolidation techniques. Its advantages are low price and good quality, environmental protection and practicality, and wide application. However, since its implementation, nonwoven bags have not become popular as expected by the market. Instead, nonwoven bags are gradually flooding in people's lives, and the public's voice of questioning that environmental protection bags are not "environmental protection" is slowly getting louder. The reason is that he said that the quality of nonwoven shopping bags circulating in the market is uneven and the products are uniform, but the packaging bags donated by enterprises for advertising purposes are accumulating more and more in people's homes, which is a pity to abandon, resulting in the reduction of attention to the use of nonwoven bags

as the main shopping bag after the "plastic restriction order", the status of nonwoven bags has become a little embarrassing

environmental protection action requires enterprises to awesome

how to solve the embarrassing position of nonwoven packaging bags? The person in charge of Wenzhou YONGBA Packaging Co., Ltd. suggested that we should first choose nonwoven bags with excellent quality. When many citizens use nonwoven bags as daily shopping bags, they find that the service life of shoddy products is very short, but considering the comprehensive cost in the whole life cycle, they are easy to break and tear, and the waterproof performance is also poor

second, we should strengthen the habit of carrying nonwoven bags when going out. Although there are more and more such bags in citizens' homes, many people always forget to take them with them when they go out. Inconvenience and unsightness are the two main reasons that citizens reflect. Most of the existing nonwoven bags on the market are not easy to fold, and it takes time to sort them into small squares after use - trouble; Secondly, everyone has a love of beauty. The common nonwoven bag is simple in design, even with the words so and so printed pale. Who can be willing to use it - depressed

third, rationally use nonwoven bags as promotional gifts. The effect of nonwoven bags on Enterprise publicity is very obvious, which makes many manufacturers choose it when choosing gift packaging. It has beautiful appearance, many times of use, good advertising benefits, and can also win the reputation of "environmental protection enterprise". Why not? However, nonwoven bags with simple design and straightforward publicity as gift packaging are gradually flooding, resulting in citizens' neglect of nonwoven bags and reducing their use times

therefore, only by prolonging the service life of nonwoven bags, achieving good quality, exquisite printing, moderate size, and greatly increasing the use times of nonwoven bags, can their environmental protection value be fundamentally reflected

nonwoven auxiliary products "water rises"

nonwoven packaging bags are not monotonous. Foshan Nanhai wendefu nonwovens Co., Ltd. designs and produces various kinds of handbags, packaging bags and gift bags, which are exquisite and beautiful. It is hard to think that this is the kind of nonwoven material in ordinary days

it is reported that Foshan Nanhai wendefu nonwovens Co., Ltd. has three specifications of 50g, 75g and 100g in 27 colors, including PP nonwovens, pet nonwovens, needled fabrics, Spunlaced fabrics, fabrics, cotton fabrics, Oxford fabrics, PVC, etc. it can provide customers with silk printing, roller printing, low temperature transfer printing, high temperature transfer printing, offset printing and other exquisite printing processes

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