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Consumers can protect their rights if prepackaged food is not labeled with nutrition labels

recently, Yuetang branch of Xiangtan Administration for Industry and Commerce has filed a case against several large supermarkets within its jurisdiction that sell prepackaged food without labeling with nutrition labels in accordance with legal requirements

some dealers complained about this. They believed that they had always marked the outer packaging of prepackaged food in this way, and the food they sold was also qualified products. It was too unjustified to be fined

in fact, the national standard for food safety, general principles for nutrition labeling of prepackaged food (GB 28050, 2011) (issued by the Ministry of health on October 12, 2011 and officially implemented on January 1, 2013). The national standard requires that pre packaged food sold should be labeled with nutrition labels from January 1, 2013. This means that the old routine of these dealers who did not mark nutrition labels before is no longer applicable with the implementation of the new national standard. If they encounter the old practice of uncertain material sources, the side determination of the comprehensive wear value zmz: first confirm that the Pb point of the sample belongs to the level 1, which can no longer keep up with the requirements of the new development, and it is not unjustified to be punished

at present, many consumers do not know about food nutrition labels, pay little attention to them, and the infringement of relevant rights and interests has not attracted attention or rights protection. In fact, the so-called nutrition label, in a popular sense, is the nutritional composition table marked on the outer package of food to provide consumers with food nutrition information, which is a part of the label of prepackaged food. Lin nianxiu, deputy director of the development and Reform Commission, said that the prepackaged food with nutrition labels did not comply with the law (except for the prepackaged food with statutory exemption from mandatory labeling), and should be investigated and dealt with according to law

in the future, if consumers find that pre packaged food is not labeled with nutrition labels in the process of consumption, the Department of industry and Commerce reminds consumers that they can claim their rights according to the provisions of the food safety law of the people's Republic of China

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