Consumers who sell fake Nippon Paint by the hottes

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Merchants sell fake Nippon Paint, consumers get compensation

merchants sell fake Nippon Paint, consumers get compensation

December 09, 2004

Mr. Wang in Shanghai bought home decoration materials, and there were continuous problems: the diluent seal was opened, the varnish color was wrong, and the covering power of the interior wall latex paint was not strong. Mr. Wang sent samples of latex paint to the manufacturing company for testing twice, and the results were "Li Gui". For these two test reports, the merchants firmly denied that the products submitted for inspection might be replaced, but promised to compensate Mr. Wang 1000 yuan

in November this year, Mr. Wang bought 4 barrels of Nippon "yongdeli" interior wall emulsion paint, 7 barrels of ivy thinner and 3 barrels of ivy varnish at a Baijiali franchise store at 450 Lianhua South Road, Shanghai. When decorating, the workers found that the plastic seal and foil seal that should have been sealed at the mouth of the diluent bottle had been opened, so Mr. Wang went to the merchant to change 7 barrels. Later, the workers found that the color of the varnish was not right. Mr. Wang went to the merchant again, and the merchant asked Mr. Wang to find the manufacturer to exchange the goods

the worker who helped Mr. Wang decorate said that Nippon yongdeli has a strong covering power. Generally, it only needs to be painted twice, but the yongdeli bought by Mr. Wang can't cover the color under it after being painted twice

both submissions were "Li Gui"

Mr. Wang immediately contacted Nippon company, which said that one liter of "yongdeli" without water could be taken for testing. A few days later, the test report was issued, and the conclusion was that "the samples were non Nippon Yongde's interior wall products during the" 1035 "period"

in order to test whether the three barrels of yongdeli are true or false, Mr. Wang went to this store to buy a barrel of yongdeli of the same specification, and sent it to Nippon company for testing without opening it. The test results showed that the samples were still non Nippon yongdeli interior wall products

relevant personnel from the Technology Department of Nippon Paint (China) Co., Ltd. said that it was basically determined that the sample was fake Nippon Paint

merchants deny first and then lose money

for Nippon yongdeli, which Mr. Wang sent for testing, the store manager said it was no problem and denied Mr. Wang's test report. "Now this test report can't prove that what is being tested is what our store sells." When asked about the purchase channel of the store, the store manager said that he basically did not purchase from the head office because the specimen was deformed and stretched in the tensile test, not only within the marking line, but also to find other agents

On the evening of December 7, Mr. Wang said that the merchant had promised to make the jaw symmetrically clamp the sample as required and compensate 1000 yuan. Then the manager of the Baijiali franchise store confirmed the news

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