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Advanced seminar on handling skills of changing complaints into gold customers

Advanced Seminar on handling skills of changing complaints into gold customers registration

organizer: Beijing zhihengxiangye Management Consulting Co., Ltd.

training time: April 17-18, 2014, a total of two days, Beijing

[background introduction]

in the increasingly competitive market, while constantly exploring new customers, Many new and old customers leave for one reason or another, and the customers who want to leave have an important sign, which also depends on the difference of sensors - complaints

at this critical moment, how to put the customer relationship back on the right track of win-win and mutual benefit

while the enterprise continues to improve, we still have some questions worth thinking about:

in the face of complaints, in addition to mechanically answering the company's regulations, what else can we say

customer service personnel work hard to deal with complaints. Why are customers dissatisfied and appeal

why does it take some people 1 hour to deal with complaints, while others only 5 minutes

have heard too much complaint training, and there is no really effective complaint resolution steps and methods

how can customer service personnel improve their complaint response ability in complaint response

in addition to good attitude and unfamiliar business, how do supervisors comment and guide employees

how to build an effective enterprise complaint management system? Cultivate your own complaint talents

how to turn customer complaints into gold for the growth of enterprises and employees through mining

the series of copyright courses of changing litigation into gold provides the following systematic and practical solutions close to work tasks for our current situation

attachment: self inspection model of complaint handling status quo

[instructor introduction]

Mr. Sun Kaimin

former gold medal lecturer of Shenzhen Mobile Service Director

former senior lecturer of Guangdong Mobile Enterprise Culture internal trainer

changed to the founder of the exclusive copyright courses of the golden TM series

began to engage in enterprise training in 2002

7 years of practical experience in customer service of the world's top 500 enterprises

9 years of research and training on enterprise customer complaints

300 upgrades Major, group and professional complaint handling experience

more than 10000 complaint handling personnel cultivator

assisted the government in dealing with major social sensitive events and letters and visits

Book: "turning complaints into gold - 40 day cultivation log of complaint handling experts"

complete practice:

main course:

Mr. Sun Kaimin is the exclusive copyright course designer of turning complaints into gold series, and the main courses include: 1 "Practical complaint handling (core)" 2, "ways to effectively resolve client crises (Advanced)" 3, "customer service complaint insight skills improvement" 4, "internal customer service and complaint handling" 5, "effective establishment of enterprise complaint management system" 6, "enterprise complaint handling talent certification (consulting)" 7, "nine key skills of complaint handling" 8, "analysis and response to legal issues of complaints" 9 "Customer complaint response dialogue design and application"

training customers:

China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, China Construction Bank, industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China, Bank of communications, Ping An Bank, Shenzhen rural commercial bank, China Merchants Bank, CITIC Bank, Chengdu Rural Commercial Bank, Baiyun International Airport, State Grid Corporation of China, China Southern Power, Nanxin energy, Zhongkehua nuclear power Great Wall life insurance, China Ping An insurance, sunshine insurance, China Life Insurance, Beijing Baihe, Guangzhou solstice YF have been used in more than 1 million chezhou securities, Anxin futures, Shenzhen Stock Exchange, Dongfeng Motor, Anhui Jianghuai Automobile, Jinan Qingqi Suzuki, Toyota Motor finance, Jiangling Motor, GAC Mitsubishi, BYD automobile, Lufeng automobile, China Merchants Cino life insurance, Suning Appliance, JD mall Shenzhen Tencent

[course features]

rich teaching activity design: Video explanation, recording analysis, situation simulation, case discussion, expert comments, ability evaluation, judgment questions, Lianliankan, triangle drill

no games, jokes and other student amusing activities unrelated to teaching objectives

student drill, complaint case review and analysis are comprehensive, in-depth

more than 2000 Telecom, bank Complaints from shopping malls and other industries are interspersed in the course with

film and television clips, complaint recordings, text cases, reports, flash, situational shooting

master a set of unique skills for complaint handling. Through years of practical research, it has been proved that in the process of complaint handling, it can effectively resolve the general, research and development and utilization, which are disconnected to a certain extent, major, upgraded Methods for groups and professional households to complain about problems

help employees establish a customer-centered concept, balance the conflict of interests between customers and enterprises, and achieve the maximum win-win possibility between enterprises and customers

transform the misunderstanding of enterprises on complaining customers, and establish a complaint handling mechanism and practical skills to transform complaining customers into loyal customers

[suitable object]

complaint handling managers and supervisors Difficulty escalation complaint supervisor and backbone, complaint acceptance and complaint handling supervisor and backbone

[training fee]

2800 yuan/person (including training fee, lunch fee and material fee)

discount: sign up before March 21 and enjoy 10% discount (2520 yuan/person after discount)

number of applicants (including 5 people), and enjoy 8.5% discount (2380 yuan/person after discount); More than 5 people (excluding 5 people after discount), enjoy a discount of 7.5% off (2100 yuan/person after discount)


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