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Connect to Silicon Valley: Adobe said that flash has serious remote vulnerabilities

zhongyun connects to Silicon Valley every day, presenting the latest information! Silicon Valley here refers to the representative of foreign typical and innovative enterprises

1. IBM denied 110000 layoffs and admitted to spending $600million on structural adjustment

in response to the rumor that it would face the largest layoff in history, IBM replied to Tencent that this was completely nonsense. Such a strong attitude of IBM is very rare in the outside world

recently, it was reported that IBM will lay off 26% of its staff next month, about 110000 people. The reason may be related to poor management. If only in terms of the number of people, this may be the largest layoff action in IBM's history. If there are no other factors, it may eventually lead IBM to pay a huge severance payment in the first quarter

2. The Russian dating station leaked 20million user data

Daniel ingeva high precision ldson, CTO of easy solutions, a network security software developer, said that 20million visitors' usernames and email addresses were stolen from the Russian dating station topface

topface did not comment. Ingerwaldson said it was unclear whether the password of the service was also stolen by hackers

3. Social customer service company sparkcentral received $12million in round B financing

enterprise social customer service tool provider sparkcentral has just completed a total of $12million in round B financing, led by Split Rock partners

the company's previous total financing was $5.6 million, including the round a financing of $4.5 million in October 2013. The interval between round a and round B financing is about 15 months, which is in the normal range

although the round B financing of $12million is in the normal range according to historical indicators, it is relatively conservative in the current capital environment. Davy kestens, CEO of the company, said that this financing amount is in line with the company's growth curve, and their financing basis is the funds needed by sparkcentral in terms of personnel and function expansion

4. Google Gigabit fiber added two cities this week

this week, Google fiber service will enter two new cities in North Carolina, with a total of five cities

it is reported that Google fiber broadband has now covered Provo, Utah, Austin, Texas, and Kansas City, the second largest city in Missouri. For the service of 5mbps downlink, Google provides it for free. For Gigabit fiber broadband, the monthly charge is $70. If broadband is bundled with more than 100 TV channels, the monthly charge is $120 or $130. There is no one-time installation fee for the latter two services

5. Adobe said that there were serious remote vulnerabilities in flash, urging users to update

according to foreign media reports, Adobe released a new version of flash on Saturday, the most important purpose of which is to provide vulnerability patches. Flash has long had an undisclosed vulnerability that allows remote attackers to gain control of a Mac or PC. Adobe urged some tensile testing machine enterprises to set up after-sales service points overseas and users to upgrade immediately to prevent hackers from exploiting this vulnerability

flash versions on windows or OS X or even Linux currently contain this vulnerability and are vulnerable to attack. This breaks the established impression that Linux and OS X users are not vulnerable to attack. Adobe is also preparing to release a separate patch this week to allow users to manually install the patch. Adobe will also work with Google to update the embedded version of flash, such as Chrome browser

6. Box soared 66% on its first day of listing. More and more enterprises are waiting for listing

after raising $175million in IPO (initial public offering), the share price of box, an American cloud storage service company, soared on its first day of listing. Although its issue price was only $14, the stock rose 66% on its first day of listing to close at $23.23

based on the settlement closing price, the valuation of box is about $2.7 billion, an increase from $2.4 billion in private financing last July

7. Puzzlecluster concept project: turn obsolescence into supercomputer

recently, the Finnish based manufacturing start-up circular devices announced the launch of the puzzlecluster concept project to recycle these old ones and build them into supercomputers. This is a concept project, which is based on the modular puzzlephone. When the brain processor module is eliminated, it will be integrated into the card slot similar to NAS, and it will be hot plugged into the device like a hard disk. Although the performance of each processor is different, the internal intelligent adjustment module will give full play to the performance as much as possible

8. Mozilla plans to add page based virtual reality to its browser

last summer, Mozilla launched an experimental Firefox that can support page based virtual reality applications, which originally needed to be experienced through oculus rift. But at the beginning of this week, the application supporting page version virtual reality finally landed in Firefox night browser

mozilla's goal is to promote openness, innovation and opportunities on the page, so why should Mozilla develop virtual reality in browsers? In fact, Josh carpenter, Firefox OS user experience director, once answered such questions. In the conversation last summer, carpenter said that Mozilla knew that virtual reality would become a real big business. In addition, because such a business also had real challenges, and Mozilla liked such challenges. Mozilla believes that all these efforts will ultimately benefit not only the virtual reality experience, but also the user's page experience

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