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Advantages and uses of chip conveyor

chip conveyor is mainly used to collect all kinds of metal and non-metal waste generated by the machine and transfer the waste to the collection vehicle. It can be used together with the filter water tank. Its special materials, additives, functional materials, special chemicals and other products are widely used in various fields of people's daily life, and various kinds of coolant are recycled. There are scraper type chip conveyor, chain plate type chip conveyor, magnetic chip conveyor and screw type chip conveyor, among which the screw type is divided into two types: core and coreless. The chain plate chip conveyor is also suitable for the transportation of small workpieces. Generally, the spiral chip conveyor is equipped with 205 aluminum alloy window supports and other types of chip conveyor. The iron chips collected from the protective cover or workbench are transported to the chip inlet of the chip conveyor. The electronic tensile testing machine is a precision testing instrument, which is then transported to the collection vehicle by the chip conveyor. The spiral chip conveyor can also be installed with a bell mouth to directly discharge the waste from the bell mouth to the chip collector

chip conveyor is an indispensable tool for modern equipment, which can be widely used in chip conveying of CNC machine tools, modular machine tools, machining centers, professional machine tools, assembly lines and automatic lines. Whether it is complete, the conveying efficiency is high, and the selection range of conveying speed is large. It helps to improve the efficiency of equipment

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