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Advantages and applications of all electric injection molding machines (Part 2)

5. Manufacturing of optical components

the market demand for injection plastic optical components is growing. Plastic optical components have been widely used in the fields of automobiles, communication equipment, sensors, medical devices and consumer goods. Now it has been expanded to the field of biotechnology and environmental technology, and has maintained the trend of sustainable development. Compared with the glass product process, the main advantages of optical components manufactured by injection plastic process are that there is a lot of free design space, and complex geometric components can also be injection molded. In addition, connectors, screw connections or complete sets of components can be directly injected into one. The short molding cycle and high degree of automation make the injection molding process have obvious cost advantages over the glass production process. Optical purity, light transmittance and refractive index are the factors for selecting materials for manufacturing optical components, which limits the selection range of processing technology. Based on these factors and the requirements for accuracy and repeatability, a suitable production system must be selected. Repeatability refers to ensuring that the quality deviation of each product is extremely small without further adjustment in the production process. The EM Series all electric injection molding machine produced by Battenfeld company in Germany is driven by full digital servo motor, and its motion is very accurate. In addition, this injection molding machine also has the advantages of short injection cycle and low operation cost. Recently, EM Series all electric injection molding machines have models with clamping force of tons. Em1000/350unilogb4 injection molding machine is an injection molding machine that can be used to produce optical parts. A 5-point double elbow bar device is installed on the side of the clamping device, which can control the clamping pressure repeatedly. The central lubrication device separated from the molding area precisely lubricates each elbow lever contact and drive shaft. Even in the mold with sliding resolution and core pulling device, the complex locking mechanism of the mold also works under high-precision control. The mold locking mechanism on the B4 injection molding machine is also equipped with a multi-directional positioning pressure curve control system. Two synchronous motors are installed in the injection molding device. The screw feeding section is equipped with a sensor, which further improves the control of the real pressure. It can directly transmit the cooling and sizing data in the mold without any adjustment, thus shortening the sizing time. Moreover, the servo hydraulic drive system gives high nozzle contact pressure to the mold. Similar to the operation of the above standards, the 2010 model can shorten the molding cycle. When the drive can descend slowly, the servo motor can also provide high-energy compensation. Because there is no oil cooling step, the energy consumption of the injection molding machine is relatively reduced, saving at least 20%, while using the clamping device of bartonfield company can save up to 50%.

6. Optical disc

is also the carrier of optical disc. DVD disc has more uses and larger output than CD disc. For this reason, Toyo machinery and metal company has developed a high-precision servo injection molding machine that China Rubber Industry Association publicly released tire classification standards, tire label management regulations and tire label patterns of China Rubber Industry Association for DVD disc production at the 2nd green tire safety week. It is equipped with 4 steering links (4td), double motor injection machinery, fixed pressing plate mold clamping system and a new control system called plcs-11. Because DVD discs require a uniform thickness, 4td can adjust parameters to adjust the thickness of discs in the continuous production process. Discpro series ST50 injection molding machine produced by Toyo company can synchronously inject plastic to produce DVD discs. Faced with the growing demand for injection molding machines in the Chinese market, Toyo will expand its production capacity at its factory in Japan. After the expansion, the monthly output can reach 40 sets. So far, the monthly production capacity of optical disk injection molding machines of Japanese manufacturers has doubled, that is, 80.

7. Multi component injection molding

the multi-component injection molding machine is represented by the improved series of all electric Elektra of feroma Tik company in Germany. The German company recently demonstrated this small 155 two-color injection molding machine at the fakuma exhibition. A rotating platform with 2+2 cavity is installed in the clamping device of the injection molding machine, which can be used to assemble the switch box of household appliances in the mold. The injection molding machine also has a vertical all electric injection molding device. What is interesting is that it can be used as both hydraulic and hybrid injection molding machines, as a monochrome improved injection molding machine.

8. Micro injection molding

with the growing demand for micro devices in the field of medical technology, the molding of micro components poses challenges to mold manufacturers and injection molding machine manufacturers at the same time, because reliable micro components require precise and repeated injection quantities. The diameter of each processed plastic particle shall not exceed 1.5mm, so as to ensure that the overall development trend of instrument products is "6 high and 1 long" and "210 chemical" to ensure the uniformity of incoming and molten materials. Therefore, in order to obtain high-quality molten materials, special injection molding machines and plastic particles must be equipped.

a screw with a diameter of 14mm is introduced by Fermat Tik of Germany, which has a good effect on plasticization control, melt uniformity and minimum injection volume control. At fakuma exhibition, this screw was installed on the Elektra injection molding machine of feroma Tik company for demonstration. Using a 4-cavity mold, a hearing aid with a mass of 0.694g was produced. The plasticizing length of this small diameter screw is enough to ensure the same quality of the products producing such small parts.

Japan Nissei Corporation launched the eljectau3e injection molding machine with a clamping force of 3 tons, which is equipped with a special screw for processing engineering plastics (such as polyformaldehyde), and is equipped with an 8mm diameter plunger. Rijing also produces eljeettet5 injection molding machine, with a clamping force of 5 tons, aiming at the production of 0 G injection plastic parts. This injection molding machine is designed into a wide pull rod structure, which can accommodate a 150 × The 150mm mold adopts the direct pressure clamping device, which is said to prolong the service life of the mold. To sum up, it can be seen that the all electric injection molding machine is designed for the injection molding machine to meet the requirements of faster, higher pressure, improved accuracy and high flexibility. Improving productivity and reducing costs are the main selling points of all electric injection molding machines.

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