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Villagers praise! The 16408 wooden houses in Enshi Prefecture have completed the electrical circuit transformation

the wooden stilted building is the crystallization of Tujia architectural technology and artistic aesthetics, and it is also a valuable mark of our state's national culture

however, wooden houses have a long history, electrical lines are aging, and residents are overloaded with electricity, which is very easy to cause fire accidents. In view of this fact, our state has actively explored the use of pp/2 silicon oxide composites for micro foaming, comprehensively implemented the electrical circuit transformation of wooden houses, strengthened source prevention and control, and completed the transformation of 16408 wooden houses in the state

electrical line failure became the biggest inducement of rural fires

at about 6:55 p.m. on October 7, 2018, a fire broke out in a wooden residential house in group 8, longtanxi village, Jiaoyuan Town, Xuanen county. The area of the fire was more than 400 square meters, causing six houses to be burned down. According to the investigation, the fire was caused by the electrical circuit failure on the roof of the residential wing of the owner Yang

at about 1:30 p.m. on January 11 this year, a wooden house storing a large number of flammable and combustible materials such as straw and wood boards in dachunshu village, Shengjiaba Township, Enshi City, caused a fire due to electrical circuit failure. Fortunately, the full-time fire brigade of Shengjiaba township government and the huangshiqiao fire squadron of Enshi City arrived at the scene in time for disposal, and the danger was effectively controlled without causing casualties

according to the state fire department, in 2018, there were 979 fires in the state, including 469 electrical fires, accounting for 47.9% of the total number of fires; There were 378 fires caused by careless use of fire, accounting for 38.61% of the total number of fires; There were 35 fires in production operations, accounting for 3.58% of the total number of fires; 97 fires were caused by playing with fire, smoking, spontaneous combustion and other reasons, accounting for 9.91% of the total number of fires. Electrical line failure has become the biggest inducement of rural fire accidents in the whole state, especially the long-standing wooden houses, aging electrical lines and residents' Overloaded electricity, which are very easy to cause fire accidents

the engineers of the fire department gave technical guidance when installing the lines

the electrical line reconstruction was praised by the villagers

Qingjiang village is located in the southwest of Wangying Town, Lichuan City, 13 kilometers away from Wangying market town and 35 kilometers away from Lichuan urban area. It is the first village at the source of Qingjiang River in 800 miles. The village governs 9 villagers' groups, with a total of 314 houses, including 43 wooden structure houses, belonging to a poor village

On January 14, Enshi evening news came to the home of tangwenyao, a villager in Qingjiang village. Tan Guangyong, an electrician, was transforming the electrical circuit. Tang Wenyao's house was built in 1987 and has a history of more than 40 years. The lines of the house are rarely replaced, and the lines in many places are aging, laying hidden safety hazards

"most of the wooden structure houses in the village are old, the lines are seriously aging, and the wiring is not standardized, especially the kitchen lines, which have been corroded by oil smoke for a long time, and the insulation layer of the wires is aging, which is easy to cause short circuit and fire." Master Tan told while installing the leakage protector, "the transformation of the electrical circuit of the wooden structure house has largely solved the problem of safe electricity use. The installation of the leakage protector has the functions of overload and short circuit protection, which can be used to protect the circuit."

"the transformed electrical lines not only ensure the safety of electricity, but also greatly improve our production and life. I commend the work done by the Party committee and the government." Villager Tang Wenyao said happily that in the future, the electrical appliances at home can be used safely, and there is no need to worry about the failure caused by short circuit

in 2018, the state government office stationed in the "sharp knife class" of targeted poverty alleviation in Qingjiang village, Wangying Town, Lichuan City, and the "two committees" of Qingjiang village branch. During door-to-door visits, it was found that the wires in the villagers' wooden structure houses were seriously aged, there were potential safety hazards, and it was easy to cause a short circuit and fire in the process of power consumption. On the basis of inviting Lichuan fire department to carry out fire safety technical demonstration, the "sharp knife class" and the "two committees" of the village branch for targeted poverty alleviation extensively solicited villagers' opinions and suggestions, and decided to carry out centralized transformation of the electrical circuits of wooden structure houses

"Qingjiang village is far away from the market town and the urban area. If there is a fire, it is likely to cause heavy losses to the safety of people's lives and property, and even return to poverty due to disasters. Combined with the visit, the 'sharp knife squad' in the village and the 'two committees' of the village branch have held special meetings for many times to study and formulate working measures and line reconstruction opinions. After more than a month of hard work, at present, the electrical line reconstruction of 43 file and card poor wooden houses in the village has been basically completed Yes. " Li Hao, the first Secretary of the targeted poverty alleviation "sharp knife class" in Qingjiang village, Wangying Town, Lichuan City, said

According to Li Lun, assistant engineer of Lichuan fire brigade, Qingjiang village has installed leakage protectors at the incoming end of users' power supply on the basis of checking whether there are curvilinear coordinate wires for centralized replacement and pipe protection in wooden houses, and padded with gypsum board, mica and other flame-retardant materials at the bottom of power switches, sockets, lamps and other electrical equipment, Effectively separate electrical equipment from combustible materials, and solve the potential safety hazards faced by wooden houses from the source

"The fire-fighting infrastructure in rural areas is relatively weak, and the people's self-defense and self-help ability is relatively lacking. It is a practical matter for people's livelihood to strengthen the basic transformation of aging electrical lines and eliminate hidden dangers of fire safety. In the early stage, the Party committee and government of Wangying Town, in accordance with the unified deployment of the state and the city, and in conjunction with the personnel of the targeted poverty alleviation 'sharp knife class', carried out a thorough investigation of the wooden structure houses under their jurisdiction, established a working account, and checked the aging wooden houses of the poor households with filing and card The electrical circuit has been helped and rectified. " Said Zhu dingpan, Secretary of the Party committee of Wangying Town, Lichuan City

the electrical circuit transformation of wooden houses in Qingjiang village is only a microcosm of the whole state. In order to prevent the people from "poverty caused by disasters and returning to poverty due to disasters", our state has included fire safety into the scope of targeted poverty alleviation, and the experimental speed should not be too fast. The guiding opinions on the electrical circuit transformation of wooden structure houses has been issued, and Qingjiang Village has been taken as a pilot to actively explore and focus on the electrical circuit transformation of wooden structure houses

at present, the state has completed the electrical circuit transformation of 16408 wooden structure houses in Qingjiang village, Lichuan City, zhangjiayuanzi, Xuanen County, Qingyang Liangting ancient street and other places. In the next step, the import volume of non coniferous wood chips is 11.57 million tons. The whole state will further strengthen the promotion in combination with the actual work, eliminate the potential safety hazards of fire caused by electrical circuit failure of wooden structure houses from the source, and effectively protect the safety of people's lives and property

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