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Adtran and Deutsche Telekom are committed to ultra wideband evolution

to prove the latest st innovation. The laboratory test of 212mhz and CDTA will accelerate the deployment of ultra fast Gigabit broadband services.

adtran, Inc. (nasdaq:adtn), a leading provider of next-generation open network solutions, announced today that the company has launched the latest innovative laboratory test of St standard 212mhz and coordinated dynamic time allocation (CDTA) with Deutsche Telekom (DT). Deutsche Telekom will use the fiber to building (FTTB) deployment model to evaluate these ultra wideband technologies, which can use the existing cable infrastructure at home. This helps to quickly deploy ultra fast Gigabit broadband services and minimize outages. The lower connection cost per user is directly related to the achievement of the European Commission's goal of Gigabit Society (compared with the standard revised in 2003)

adtran demonstrated a new 212mhz st standard, which doubled the available spectrum. The available spectrum multiplier has auxiliary modification aids to help service providers provide Gigabit rate through a single copper stranded wire, so that powerful fiber like services can be delivered directly to users. In contrast to the cable system, the bandwidth of St can be used and dedicated to each user. The test using the first commercial 212mhz DPU also demonstrated the second stage of DTA. CDTA, which is similar to the function of early IDTA, improves the upstream performance innovation of St by dynamically balancing the upstream and downstream capacity, which is the foundation and core of the development of new material industry, so as to meet the requirements of residential traffic mode in real time. In addition, CDTA also extends the applicability of this function to existing lines, so as to cover almost all residential and commercial buildings

adtran senior Nike cooperates with many stakeholders Jay Wilson, vice president, said: "Due to the time and cost factors related to single service FTTH technology, operators in highly competitive and densely populated cities or urban environments are challenged to expand Gigabit services. With ST innovation, operators such as Deutsche Telekom can launch Gigabit services through their existing infrastructure, significantly reducing user disruption, thereby significantly accelerating the goal of moving towards a Gigabit society."

these two recent st achievements, 212mhz and CDTA, can obtain higher overall performance from the existing assets of operators, and in many cases, all fiber to the home (FTTH), which has been used for many years, is no longer required. These st innovations enable service providers to expand symmetric Gigabit services in a faster and more cost-effective way for the first time, and expand ultrafast broadband to a broader market

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