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Siemens' new generation process control system is the world's first application in China.

Siemens' new generation process control system SIMATIC PCs Neo for the future is the world's first application in China. Siemens will provide software and hardware solutions including SIMATIC PCs Neo process control system, cloud based open IOT operating system mindsphere and et 200sp ha for the new sandaoyan No. 2 sewage treatment plant project in Chengdu. The sewage treatment plant will build a digital sewage treatment demonstration project based on SIMATIC PCs Neo platform. After completion, its sewage treatment capacity will be 25000 tons per day, which will play a vital role in the local water pollution control, water quality protection and ecological balance. PPEK's manufacturing of heater and pressure sensor shells in hemodialysis machines and dental instruments that need detoxification and sterilization

Siemens is a global leading technology enterprise focusing on electrification, automation and digitalization. We work with our Chinese partners to explore the opportunities brought by intelligent manufacturing, and are committed to providing advanced products and solutions for the industry. SIMATIC PCs Neo is a new generation control system launched by Siemens in the digital era with a number of industry-leading technologies. Dr. Yao Jun, vice president of Siemens (China) digital industry group and general manager of process automation business department, said that this time, we are working with Chengdu Xihui water environment Co., Ltd. to build a new digital model project for water enterprises by deploying digital platforms such as SIMATIC PCs Neo in the sandaoyan project

Li Jian, chairman of Chengdu Xihui water environment Co., Ltd., said: the water industry is currently in a period of transformation from automation to informatization, and then to digitalization and intelligence. This project is the key to our transformation of smart water, so as to build a benchmark project for China's digital water plants. We have been focusing on water affairs for 70 years and hope to work with Siemens to face the challenges, realize the long-term business vision of the group, grasp the opportunities of accelerated growth and sustainable development in the future, and build a more stable and reliable urban infrastructure

simatic PCs Neo supports remote monitoring at the mobile end, which makes it easier for operators to manage equipment operation and maintenance and deal with equipment failures in time, so as to realize transparent and digital operation and maintenance management of water plants, thus reducing the operation cost of water plant control center. Its built-in standardized and modular programming library makes the reconstruction and expansion of the water plant easy to complete by copying and pasting, laying the foundation for the digital construction of the water plant. In addition, the collaborative function of SIMATIC PCs Neo engineering configuration can help customers realize design, configuration, simulation and debugging based on the network, and improve the efficiency and quality of water plant construction. At the same time, the research and development of SIMATIC PCs Neo follows IACS safety standards and obtains T V safety certificate, which gives users the highest level of safety assurance

in this project, Siemens also provided SIMATIC et 200sp ha series io for Chengdu sandaoyan No. 2 sewage treatment plant. This series of products adopts the world's leading industrial Ethernet process industry signal acquisition technology, which can vertically open up the big data highway and extend digitalization to the field level. SP ha card based on digital ID technology can quickly collect the operation, maintenance and asset information of modules and components. SIMATIC et 200sp ha series is also equipped with wide temperature and anti-corrosion function as standard, with strong environmental adaptability. Its products include daily necessities that can often be seen safely in daily life, and the system has good robustness

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