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The advantages and advantages of using frequency conversion speed regulation for cranes

2. The functions of soft start and soft rest greatly reduce the impact of mechanical transmission, which can significantly improve the bearing capacity of steel structures and prolong the service life of cranes

3. High integration components and high reliability low-voltage electrical appliances effectively solve the complex wiring problems of the original electrical system, which not only reduces the probability of system failure, but also is easy to maintain

4. When the electric motor is at zero speed, it can output full torque. Even if the brake is loose or fails, it will not throw up heavy objects and slide down, ensuring the safety and reliability of the system

5. It has fast dynamic response, will not show slip hook and realize zero speed crossing function

6. it has an automatic energy-saving operation mode, which can greatly improve the power factor of the system and the working efficiency of the whole machine. The energy-saving effect is obvious, and the average power-saving rate can reach more than 20%

7. It has a full Chinese touch screen monitoring system, which operates the system fault self-test and processing functions through the human-machine interface, facilitating the maintenance and on-site monitoring of technicians and operators, and greatly reducing the maintenance time and cost

8. after adopting variable frequency speed regulation, it can be completely 13 The data processing system shall prevent operators from operating against rules (reverse gear)

9. compared with the DC transmission scheme, the frequency conversion system can choose the convenient, energy-saving and economic AC idea instead of the complex, expensive and troublesome DC idea

10. Compared with the conventional electrical control scheme, the frequency conversion system eliminates the high-power resistance on the rotor side of the electric motor, the acceleration contactor and the forward and reverse rotation of the electric motor. It has the characteristics of production automation, equipment intelligence, production data informatization, equipment system networking and so on

11. When the motor accelerates or decelerates, the small prototype can be placed on the base and clamped by a special fixture. The impact resistance test room can be adjusted to realize the soft start and soft rest of the system, smooth speed change, stable operation, and undisturbed low-speed function

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12. It can meet the requirements of the lifting mechanism for speed regulation hardness, low-frequency torque characteristics and four quadrant operation; It can run at low speed for a long time; It can effectively prevent hook slipping in the air under heavy load

13. adopt vector control closed-loop mode, and the lifting motor can also output at rated torque at 0Hz. The zero speed band brake can be controlled at full speed and reduce the vibration and wear of the band brake when it is closed

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