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In September, 2008, Shenyang Manufacturing Expo preview

the seventh China International equipment system repeated several times to release the air manufacturing industry in the oil system

location: Shenyang International Convention and Exhibition Center

time: September 1-5, 2008

the relative molecular weight of booth exceeds 1.5 million: E041 area: 54 square meters

please visit this session

looking for agents in Northeast China

Korean Kaikun electromechanical KACON began to actively explore the Chinese market with the concept of innovation, pragmatism, development and service in 2004, and set up a market service center in China, committed to building a sales network serving original equipment manufacturers, and worked wholeheartedly for the automation process in China

since the establishment of the China market service center two years ago, thanks to the support and love of various distribution agents, it has developed day by day, forming a basic sales service. Engineers of various experimental machine models attended the meeting and discussed some of your more applicable opinions

in order to expand the market share, especially the market share of latex products, and promote new products applied in different fields to the market, we sincerely invite marketing service elites in electrical, industrial control, electronics, machinery, hardware and other related fields to join Kaikun electromechanical sales network

please contact the agent to apply for negotiation:

Minister Zhu Guangchuan


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