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American Printing Market under great changes recently, a number of representatives from American printing plants, brokerage companies and printing purchasing companies who require plastic parts to have a smooth surface and beautiful appearance participated in a seminar called the future of paper and printing industry held in San Francisco, hoping to find the best way to deal with market changes. Indeed, with the great changes in the printing industry, the market has put forward higher requirements for printing service providers. In order to take the lead in the rapidly changing market, they should not only provide customers with high-quality printing services, but also provide them with design, network marketing and packaging services

customers want to enjoy full service

Andy Poole of domey printing company described the role transformation of the printing plant in the past 30 years. Thirty years ago, the responsibility of the printing house was only to produce halftone film, printing, binding and post press processing

what services do customers need from printing service providers? The printing buyers participating in the seminar expressed their hope to enjoy many special performance design, Desktop Services and all services from pink to printing, digital printing, wireless binding and packaging that are not available in traditional solids derived from and derived from a supplier

printing service providers can expand their service scope by employing one or two full-time designers or part-time personnel, and this method has also been recognized by most customers. If a designer receives the task of designing postcards when he is on a business trip, he can also directly hand over the designed documents to the printing factory for management, thus greatly shortening the production cycle of live parts

the printing plant should find ways to solve the problem

the change of industry demand requires the designers to keep frequent communication with the printing department. But what should printers do when they receive wrong documents and cannot print them

most printing houses think they should help customers correct their mistakes. With the help of the internal design department, they can not only correct the problems in the documents, but also obtain more income generating opportunities. Poole said: the printing house should never tell the customer that I can't do this. Instead, it should try to solve the problem

although most people believe that different moving parts, different applications and different customers will have different views and requirements on quality, others believe that in addition to the printing quality of moving parts, the quality required by customers also includes the service level of printing suppliers and the skill level of sales personnel

JenniferRideout, a marketing consultant, suggested that printing houses solve quality problems by knowing the purpose of printing projects in advance. She said: my thinking may not be rational enough. I need someone to tell me what the practical significance of this printed piece is and provide me with several alternative value-added solutions. And it also helps us form a good relationship

small suppliers win over personalized services

in addition, how should small printing service suppliers participate in market competition? The answer is personalized service. A representative from a small printing factory said: when customers need to print a short edition of 500 to 2000 copies, we are their best choice

of course, small printing enterprises will also encounter certain difficulties in the process of transforming to a full-service printing service provider. A printing factory from the Gulf region said that with the enhancement of printing capacity, it is difficult for them to find a balance between copying, design and printing. If they regard full-service as their publicity focus, it may pose a direct threat to their main customer advertising agencies

the opportunity of variable data printing is coming

variable data printing is regarded as the next development opportunity of the printing industry. However, a factory with a digital printer may not be able to print variable data well. If there is no accurate database for guarantee, they can not receive the desired results in any case

many printing houses have seen the great potential of the experts from the "national plastic machinery product quality supervision and inspection center" of variable data printing city and the leaders of Liaocheng municipal Party committee of Shandong Province to attend the acceptance meeting, and spent a lot of money to buy a digital printing machine. However, at present, their actual utilization rate of this kind of equipment may only reach 25%, and most of them are used to print short version color live parts

according to Brian Lawler, a professor at California State University of science and technology, variable data printing is indeed very attractive, but its role seems to be overstated. He said: This is a cool technology, but it has some difficulties in application, pricing and fulfilling the promises of equipment suppliers. According to Lawler's estimation, the actual response rate of variable data printing parts is far from reaching 60% of manufacturers, but only between 0.5% and 1%

although Lawler was skeptical about variable data printing, he also saw a successful case of a school in Washington targeting students through one-to-one marketing

the school has a printing factory and 11 full-time page designers, and can understand the background, gender and learning interests of the target students through network survey. Then they will make a personalized page and a booklet for these students, and send the printed booklet to the students the next day after the survey. Lawler said: this marketing method eventually helped the school attract a large number of students

what kind of employees a printing enterprise needs

the printing department of California State University of science and technology is not only where Lawler works, but also has trained and delivered a large number of senior talents for the printing industry. However, with the development of digital printing technology, people not only need to ask: do printing factories still need printing craftsmen

Poole said: we have experts in proofing and color control, and the staff in the printing workshop often just act as repairmen. Now, when I choose a printer, I mainly look at the car he drives and his performance when parking. If he drives an express and is very careful when parking, I believe he can operate the printing press well. If he doesn't take care of his transportation tools and acts recklessly, it means that he is not suitable for working in a printing factory

today's printing houses know that their work is no longer just printing patterns and words on paper. Both printing service providers and printing buyers should open their minds, clarify their goals, and find effective ways to achieve this goal. The emergence of new technologies, such as network solutions and variable data printing, will certainly change the role of printing plants and launch more severe challenges to the entire printing industry

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