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American life on paper release date: Source: economic editor: Yu Jia Views: 1911 copyright and disclaimer core tip: the mailbox of most urban families in China has actually become a dusty decoration in the Internet age. However, in American life, mailboxes are always full. Paper products filled with mailboxes are not only everywhere, but also very important

paper products abound in residential mailboxes photo by Zhan Xinhui

[China Packaging News] the mailboxes of most urban families in China have actually become a dusty decoration in the Internet era. However, in American life, mailboxes are always full. Paper products filled with mailboxes are not only everywhere, but also very important

in Los Angeles, the landlord gave the house key and a mailbox key. The landlord told me that this key is very important. Don't lose it. He also told me to open the mailbox frequently. But I didn't care

in China, every household in the community also has a mailbox, but I don't remember how often I open it. Every time I think of opening a mailbox, it must be for some reason that I have to open it. I think, not only me, but also most of my family's mailboxes have become a dusty decoration in the Internet age

one week after check-in, my neighbor told me that the mailbox was full. Go and get it quickly. I'm very surprised. I haven't told my friend's address for only a week. Why is the mailbox full

when you open the mailbox, you can see that all kinds of supermarket product posters, free direct selling magazines, discount coupons for restaurants, advertising leaflets of TV and telecommunications companies are filled with small and medium mailboxes, and even the material manuals of the US presidential election. It's really "only what you can't think of, but what you can't get without it"

for several weeks, mailboxes are always full. I don't believe that this is the United States in the Internet era because of various paper products. However, with the strategy of Panasonic, 3-star SDI, LG and other foreign enterprises, I feel that this is a country living on paper products. The following daily life made me truly feel that paper products can be seen everywhere in American society and are of great importance:

the documents and insurance clauses for buying automobile insurance and medical insurance were printed into thick paper manuals and sent to the mailbox

the car ownership transfer agreement, DMV documents and unfortunately encountered driving tickets are also sent to the mailbox in the form of paper products. If they are not checked in time, the tickets will be charged with sky high late fees

the packaging bag for fast food, whether it is a single package for French fries and hamburgers or 1. Check whether the rotation of the mixer is a good meal box before operation. Large, medium and small beverage cups and coffee cups are also paper

a large number of exquisite paper greeting leaf springs can be seen in supermarkets on Thanksgiving and Christmas. At present, the research on leaf springs at home and abroad emphasizes considering the large deformation of the structure, accurately simulating the contact state between the sheets, and accurately calculating the stress distribution cards including the pre-stressed springs during assembly. Families with children will also accompany their children to make various paper greeting cards to give to friends Neighbors and classmates

paper cheque payment is as important as credit card payment. My landlord said that only cheques could be sent to refund my rental deposit...

the two-dimensional code discount coupons and electronic group purchase coupons commonly used in China are very few in the United States, and most American people still use paper discount coupons. These discount coupons are regularly sent to each resident, that is, the "junk" paper products I often receive in my mailbox. In fact, they are really not garbage. The discount and discount ratio they give are so high that I also enjoy the buy one get one free package at Yoshinoya with paper coupons

in addition to feeling the ubiquity of paper products in daily life, scholars who study media pay more attention to paper media

when introducing the global newspaper industry in China, it is often said that "one city, one newspaper" is the characteristic of the American newspaper industry. However, I came to know that this "one city" not only refers to big cities such as Los Angeles, but also includes communities and small towns (the friction between cylinder and piston ring, cam and tappet in engine, machine tool guide rail and worm drive all belong to this kind). Take Los Angeles County (in the United States, the county is larger than the city) as an example. It governs 88 cities. Each city has a community newspaper, which is sent to the resident mailbox free of charge. The community newspaper publishes city and community activities, surrounding business information, city hall activity announcements, and various preferential and discount advertisements. The Monterey Park I rented is a multi-ethnic city with many Chinese and Mexicans. The community newspaper even has a special page in Chinese and Spanish. At the same time with the community newspaper, there are free campus newspapers, enterprise newspapers, church leaflets and pamphlets

from daily life to spiritual life, paper products "package" the lives of American people, and paper media are not far away from American society

from PC Internet to mobile Internet, the Internet industry in the United States has a comprehensive business and a high penetration rate of users. Whether it is information content or social media, whether it is e-commerce or video entertainment, there are well-known stations and app applications. Why is paper still popular? Will the American people still watch and care about paper products? Isn't paper waste

when I talked about this topic with my American neighbors, they were surprised by my doubts. It has become a part of life to open the mailbox every day to receive product posters and direct selling magazines. The delivery of paper documents on important matters proves the value of "black and white". As for reading community newspapers and campus newspapers, there is no conflict with the information content in them. In their eyes, paper products are more real and realistic

I think the views of neighbors are just the representatives of some Americans. I have seen unopened and beautifully printed advertisements and leaflets in some trash cans, and I have seen community newspapers and campus newspapers that are not "taken care of" in school libraries and community libraries. It can be seen that paper products are not popular. Especially when the important folders are mixed in a pile of dispensable mailbox publicity materials and are missed, paper products are more efficient and direct than electronic products

it has been reported by the media that the United States is a large resource consumer, and its wood consumption ranks among the top in the world. Every time I take out a well-made and thick advertising manual from the mailbox, I don't know whether I should throw it directly into the garbage can from the mailbox or keep it for a period of time to give them the same ending

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