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Australian packaging giant Amcor purchases Rio Tinto's packaging business. Amcor will acquire most of Rio Tinto's Alcan Packaging business, including Alcan's global drug packaging, global tobacco packaging, and food packaging in Europe and Asia. Amcor will pay Rio Tinto US $2.025 billion

Rio Tinto CFO guy According to guy Elliott, despite the fact that the orders of extruder companies in the financial market will rebound significantly, we have sold assets worth US $6.6 billion in the past 18 months. We believe that Amcor's acquisition will be led by the world's leading enterprises for the benefit of all shareholders, so that it can continue to succeed. In addition, we believe that this acquisition is also in the interests of Rio Tinto shareholders

Amcor is the largest packaging company in Australia. Headquartered in Melbourne, Amcor is a global packaging manufacturer. It produces soft plastic packaging for candy, pet food, carbonated beverages, ice cream, biscuits and other products. Its business covers Oceania, North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia, with about 21000 employees. Its operating revenue in the first half of this year was a $9.53 billion

topalcan is a leading global packaging enterprise, headquartered in Paris, engaged in value-added packaging business, covering the food, pharmaceutical, beauty and tobacco industries. Alcan's global drug packaging, global tobacco packaging, and food packaging businesses in Europe and Asia currently have about 14000 employees in 28 countries around the world, with a revenue of 4. 5% last year Tensile test Tensile strength The maximum revenue is USD 4.1 billion, accounting for 62% of the total revenue of Alcan Packaging Department. In the first half of this year, with the development of the medical device industry, the operating revenue is USD 1.8 billion. At this time, if appropriate safety measures are not taken

according to a report of Deutsche Bank last month, the acquisition of Rio Tinto packaging business can increase Amcor's global pharmaceutical packaging market share from 6% to 56%. Amcor's earnings have been declining since 2007, said Ben, a credit analyst at Nomura holdings Bourne said that the acquisition looked like a good deal to maintain Amcor's current credit rating

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