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University of Electronic Science and Technology Alumni gathered to talk about the bright future of "three medicine + artificial intelligence" in China Singapore Sichuan, September 29 (wupinghua Jianping) learned from the new economy and science and Technology Bureau of Wenjiang District, Chengdu on September 29 that the third venture capital alliance e roadshow with the theme of "Chengdian alumni realize their dream of Wenjiang" was held in Qingshuihe campus of University of Electronic Science and technology, and xuhongbing, vice president of University of Electronic Science and technology, Dingning, deputy head of Wenjiang District, Chengdu, and other school and local leaders attended the event

the third e-roadshow of UESTC venture capital alliance. Jianping photographed

at the event, more than 300 alumni of the University of Electronic Science and technology, venture capital institutions, innovation and entrepreneurship carriers and representatives of teachers and students of the University of Electronic Science and technology gathered together to share the achievements of innovation and entrepreneurship, Talk about the bright future of "three medicine + artificial intelligence"

alumni of Chengdian and representatives of teachers and students of UESTC from all over the country gathered here. In his speech, Xu Hongbing, photographed by Jianping, said that over the past year, UESTC has continuously promoted the construction of "double first-class", firmly adhered to the "three directions", vigorously implemented the "one university and one belt" action plan, actively served local economic development, deeply participated in Chengdu's high-quality construction of a national central city that fully reflects the new development concept, built a platform for alumni enterprise cooperation, and promoted cooperation with Wenjiang University and local governments, We look forward to working with Wenjiang District, focusing on the direction of "three medicine + artificial intelligence", comprehensively cooperating in the fields of discipline construction, industrial development, talent training, achievement transformation, innovation and entrepreneurship, education and training, building a development community, forming a community of interests, and participating in the "new movement" of school local cooperation

alumni share their entrepreneurship. Ding Ning, photographed by Jianping, said on the spot that he is willing to work together with UESTC to promote the "double first-class" construction. In the past few years, according to the deployment of Chengdu municipal Party committee and government, Wenjiang District has planned to build three municipal industrial functional zones, namely, Chengdu Medical City, Chengdu health service industry cluster with the development of plastic recycled particles industry, and Chengdu Urban Modern Agricultural High-tech Industrial Park, focusing on the deep cultivation of large health industry, with the development of "three medical integration" as the core, and in accordance with the collaborative innovation concept of "one head and two hands", We will thoroughly implement the coordinated innovation action plan for government, industry, University, research and application, and promote the "three chain integration" of innovation chain, industry chain and capital chain. Adhere to the project as the starting point, actively build carriers, attract experts, educate talents and activate capital, constantly consolidate the industrial foundation, optimize supporting policies, improve functional supporting facilities, and strive to build a good industrial ecology that allows universities, enterprises and talents to "want to enter, survive and cannot be separated"

zhangchangbing, deputy general manager of Chengdu University of Electronic Science and technology for T-type divestiture Asset Management Co., Ltd., introduced the University of Electronic Science and Technology (Wenjiang) Science Park, and lvgang, general manager of Chongqing Qinhe Technology Co., Ltd., an alumnus enterprise, and jiangxingchuan, general manager of Chengdu Jiutian Weixing IOT Technology Co., Ltd., respectively shared entrepreneurial projects. Ten companies including Chongqing Qinhe Zhiqian Technology Co., Ltd. and Beijing Jiutian Weixing Technology Development Co., Ltd. brought wonderful project roadshows, showing front-end technologies in the fields of big health, electronic information, big data, etc

"we will adhere to the guidance of the government and the main body of enterprises, focus on the direction of" three medicine + artificial intelligence ", deepen the deep integration with the local enterprises of the University of Electronic Science and technology, build a development community and form a community of interests. Actively build a good platform for alumni enterprises settled in Wenjiang, serve well, and build an innovation ecosystem that "wants to enter, is suitable for survival, and is inseparable." The person in charge of the new economy and science and Technology Bureau of Wenjiang District explained. In 2015, the district took the lead in putting forward the development concept of "three medical integration" with medicine as the "innovation center", medicine as the "value center" and medical treatment as the "demand center" in the country. Since then, it has taken the initiative to comply with the cross-border integration trend of "Internet + medical health", further upgraded and built the "three medical + big data/ai" industrial system, and formed a future oriented and The leapfrog development of building door and window products have different competitive advantages

it is reported that the event was jointly sponsored by the University of Electronic Science and technology and the people's Government of Wenjiang District, Chengdu. On the day of the event, more than 100 alumni presidents from all over the country and principals of alumni enterprises who need to grind off the edges and corners of the samples visited Chengdu Medical City and held cooperation talks. (end)

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