Although the hottest robot industry is hot, invest

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Although the robot industry is hot, investment should be cautious

with the promotion of industry 4.0, 4. The development of fully automatic spring tension and compression testing machine robot has become the hottest topic in the world. Topics similar to "investing in robots may be the most profitable now" have been frequently reported in the newspapers recently. Pictet asset management company of Switzerland, a giant in the investment community, recently launched a robot fund with a volume of US $500million. At this time, investment institutions also regard robots and automation as the best investment opportunities

as an emerging city developing the robot industry, Dongguan has a booming robot industry. There are about 400 intelligent equipment manufacturing enterprises in the city. In 2015, the total industrial output value was about 26billion yuan. At the same time, asset investment institutions rushed to settle in and successively issued a number of robot industry funds guided by the government or the private sector

according to the analysis of industry observers from the perspective of investment, the robot industry now has a strong demand and a promising market prospect. The robot industry fund has a higher income than the traditional comprehensive fund. However, the whole market is in the exploration stage, and the industrial chain is not yet perfect. If investment institutions pour in excessively, it is easy to cause a "crash"

the robot industry is in great demand

under the favorable policy environment, Dongguan, as a city based on manufacturing, has a large number of small, medium and micro enterprises and a sound industrial foundation, which provides a solid industrial foundation for the development of the robot industry. This year, the "No. 1 document" of Dongguan government was implemented, and 50 "robot intelligent manufacturing" plans were issued. It is planned to promote the development of the robot and intelligent equipment industry in Dongguan through the support of policies, funds and other aspects. It is planned that by 2020, the output value of the robot intelligent equipment industry will reach 100billion yuan, with an average annual growth of more than 30%

under the favorable policy environment, Dongguan, as a manufacturing city, has many reports that the capacity of lithium battery materials has been gradually transferred to China's small, medium-sized and micro enterprises, and the sound industrial foundation have provided a solid industrial foundation for the development of the robot industry. In 2015, there were 881 "machine replacement" projects in Dongguan, driving the investment in industrial technological transformation of Dongguan City to 23.12 billion yuan, an increase of 85.6% year-on-year, and 26.8% of the city's industrial fixed investment. The growth rate of industrial investment and industrial technological transformation investment ranked third in the nine cities in the Pearl River Delta

at the same time, asset investment companies also smell business opportunities and successively enter the capital market in Dongguan to look for opportunities. In November last year, Dongguan's first robot special equity investment fund guided by the government was officially launched. The scale of the fund reached 500million yuan, and the scale of the first phase was 200million yuan, of which the Dongguan municipal government contributed 20%, Shenzhen Ruidexin contributed 20%, and Boshi shares contributed 30%. Then, in January this year, Guangdong Guotang Intelligent Technology Industry Development Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Guotang intelligent") and Guangdong Rongchuan Equity Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Rongchuan investment") jointly launched Dongguan's first private robot industry fund - intelligent manufacturing industry fund, with a total scale of 1.5 billion yuan

for the investment in Dongguan robot industry, Dongguan Boshi Ruidexin robot Stock Co., Ltd. is optimistic about the Dongguan market relying on Wangjiayan, general manager of Shaoxing, Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou and Tongxiang high-performance fiber material industry cluster investment company, and will base itself on Dongguan and radiate across the country. "Based on the sound industrial foundation of Dongguan, the establishment of the robot equity investment industry fund is conducive to promoting the connection between the industry and the capital market, and helping the development of Dongguan robot and intelligent equipment industry."

according to Wang Jiayan, the market sensitivity is very strong. With the support of various policies, investment institutions also smell business opportunities. In the current economic situation, the income of the previous comprehensive pan industry funds has dropped precipitously, and the yield has dropped from the original 50% to 20%. Under such circumstances, investment institutions are bound to switch investment direction. "At present, the robot industry is quite popular. If you get a return of more than 30%, there will still be a return."

according to the prediction of Pictet asset management company of Switzerland, in the next 10 years, the development speed of the global robot industry will reach four times the growth rate of the world economy

the investment prospect of robot fund remains to be seen

in fact, robot fund is not a new thing in foreign countries, and it has been popular in the capital market in the early years. In addition to the robot fund launched by Swiss investment giant Pictet asset management company, ETF securities, the largest commodity trading provider in Europe and the largest ETP management company in the world, launched the first global robot ETF fund in Europe in 2014, which covers 79 companies in the global robot and automation industry

back in Dongguan, although the robot industry fund is booming, it inevitably reminds people of the hardware and mold industry investment fund that also landed in Dongguan in the early stage. Now it is not warm

according to a relevant person of a fund investment management company, based on the industrial advantages of Dongguan, many investment institutions launched funds for investment in hardware, mold and other industries in Dongguan, which also caused an investment boom at that time, and such funds blossomed everywhere in Dongguan

up to now, with subtle changes in the economic environment, the funds invested in traditional industries such as hardware and molds seem to gradually fade out of investors' vision. "Due to the influence of many factors such as the market, the performance of investment funds in the hardware and mold industry is not very outstanding, and some funds have not been raised yet." Introduction of the above responsible person

it is reported that the robot industry fund with a scale of 1.5 billion yuan launched by Rongchuan investment and Guotang intelligent is the largest intelligent manufacturing industry fund in Dongguan at present. As for whether the industry can be raised, the relevant person in charge of Rongchuan investment told that the fund is still being raised, and he is still confident about the situation

it is reported that the performance of the two foreign funds mentioned above is unsatisfactory. According to the statistics of Morningstar, an investment data company, Pictet's fund net worth has fallen by 7.1% this year, and ETF securities' product net worth has also fallen by 7.8%

will the robot fund in Dongguan repeat its mistakes in reality? Many insiders said that further observation was needed

Wang Jiayan found that the robot industry has a strong market demand, but the supply and demand are unbalanced, and the overall good and bad are intermingled. It is learned that since the robot industry is in the initial stage of exploration, many robot enterprises have not yet broken through key technologies, but just stay in the process of automatic transformation. They are at the low end of the product chain and are not intelligent equipment enterprises with high-end technologies

"different levels of robot enterprises will lead to an increase in the failure rate of investment in the robot industry." Wangjiayan said: "now the robot industry is very popular. Many people rush into the market without screening. What's more, as long as it is a robot enterprise, it will invest real money."

Wangjiayan frankly said that forging iron still needs to be hard. Now the robot industry still needs the in-depth cultivation of the market. The foundation of the development of the robot industry lies in solving the core problems such as key industrial technologies and whether it can produce products suitable for the situation. Otherwise, the hot capital market will bring a "foam" to the robot industry

"What is the position of the invested enterprise in the industrial chain when the range of a single set of equipment reaches 100 tons/year? Can the enterprise maintain the trend of long-term development? Can the investment institution successfully exit in the late stage of investment? Without considering these problems, investors swarmed in, and the hot capital market brought or 'disaster' to the entire robot industry. As an investment institution, we should be very calm and cautious in judging the robot market." Investment will not be considered until projects with real development potential are tapped. " Wangjiayan said

"many enterprises are keen to tell stories. Investors should not be blinded by the so-called good stories." A relevant person in charge of a private investment company pointed out that today, the robot industry is not the best investment channel. Before investing, investors must first consider the valuation of the enterprise and fully judge the investment prospects of the enterprise, rather than being limited to market segments

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