America is preparing for an automation Renaissance

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The United States: preparing for an automation Renaissance

this is an exciting moment in the field of automation in the United States. Capital becomes more accessible. The demand for customized products is surging. Our land, energy and communication costs are lower than most other advanced countries. Our business infrastructure and intellectual property are relatively developed. We are one of the lowest cost raw materials in the world - including oil and gas

we are a real manufacturing Renaissance, which will largely promote the shaky industrial automation on the edge. Automated initiatives often have the greatest return on investment and can impact the bottom line most quickly. Opportunities are plentiful - but only we can find people to build the business case, develop and design solutions, and implement the project budget and time

unfortunately, the shortage of skilled automation professionals has seriously hampered success. But why is there a shortage? First of all, the automated labor force retires and is not replaced fast enough. In fact, 40% of today's automation professionals are expected to retire in the next five years. Secondly, there are also very few formal education courses for students to receive training, and they will need to be automated. Third, many aspiring engineers have less ideal views on automation than other seemingly bright careers, such as software development or medical technology

what's going on? It takes some time to overcome the constraints. The growth in the field of automation, but the future of manufacturing depends on it. It is a new blood for us as leaders to enter the labor market automatically. I advise you to consider the following ways to do this

encourage the interest automation of young people

if we do not set an example for ourselves and the next generation, they will have no one to follow. Go to your local high school or junior high school to talk to children. Host meets and welcomes 3. Solutions to common software problems tell you what automation is and how it can deeply promote enterprise connectivity, network security, and rich human-computer engineering interface display. Let them think about possible career automation. Automation is a useful and exciting field. Let's get the word. Enthusiasm is contagious

recruit new blood

now is the time to focus on recruitment - even more than we did in the past. We should not restrict our traditional recruitment methods. I appeal to you to look for new opportunities. Let's fish in some new lakes. For example, people with experience in the U.S. nuclear navy are particularly good and suitable for the automation profession, because they have special knowledge of the process, instrument and equipment?? Instruments, controls and procedures

you have reserved automation professionals

average automation career tops quickly. As an engineer, I may start a new lease to become a senior engineer and eventually manage other engineers. But it usually doesn't take a long time to climb this ladder, which will cause automation professionals to start looking for more opportunities in the outfield. In order to maintain high-level talents in automation positions, we need to create ways for these workers to continue to grow and develop in the field of automation

begin to define the career development path, providing two clear career development paths. 2. Development path of bellows ring stiffness testing machine due to the characteristics of pipes: technical path and management path. Then consider providing educational opportunities - encourage your employees to attend training courses through ISA and other organizations, and consider developing their own educational programs. Finally, provide rewards and recognition - you know the impact automation can have, but not everyone is the same. It is enough to publicly acknowledge that employees improve efficiency, increase quality, or publish systems to make operations safer. They will be happy to work for you, and most importantly, they will be happy with automation

looking forward to the future

as an industry leader, we believe that the key to automation in the future. We believe that the key to the development of labor force. We believe that the key to the ultimate success of the manufacturing industry. No one wants to develop our field if we don't. Stop here. We need to start early and tell our youth about automation. From there, we need to recruit young talents who go out of the University. Once we have skilled professionals on our team, we need to keep them challenged and rewarded. These people promote innovation - not just us, but the whole people. Therefore, only by mastering the shrinkage rate of formed plastics can we be sure that the size family of each part of the cavity. China's automobile industry should be guided by the strategy of "made in China 2025". Opportunities are around us. It's too late to catch them

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