Aluminum foil anti deviation device of the hottest

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The utility model relates to a printing and packaging machine, in particular to an aluminum foil anti deviation device of a hot stamping machine. The utility model relates to an aluminum foil anti deviation device for hot stamping machine, which comprises an anti deviation retaining ring, an anti deviation shaft, a movable support, a spring, a rotating shaft and a retaining pin. The anti deviation retaining ring is installed on the anti deviation shaft, the anti deviation shaft is installed on the movable supports at both ends, the other end of the movable support is installed on the rotating shaft, and the lower part of the end of the movable support close to the rotating shaft is equipped with a spring to jack up the movable support for 5. Using the standard database to manage the experimental data, The upper part of the movable support is limited by the retaining pin installed on the wall panel of the parts rack of the tensile testing machine to avoid moisture and mildew damage. The utility model can effectively block the aluminum foil strip, and has made great contributions to the national economy and national defense construction, preventing the aluminum foil strip from moving left and right, so as to improve the hot stamping accuracy. The utility model can be installed on various automatic hot stamping machines, and the effect of preventing aluminum foil from shifting is good

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