Although the most fiery wine bottle is small, ther

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Although the wine bottle is small, there are unlimited business opportunities

it is understood that at present, many people call for small bottles of wine in restaurants. On this basis, manufacturers can develop small bottle products with the highest strength and rigidity advantages of TORLON polyamide imide (PAI), such as the "wine crop" small bottle of Guizhou Banmu liquor industry, which has an ancient and unique appearance and has attracted the attention of many consumers. In addition, the portability of small wine bottles will bring more market opportunities. For example, at present, most of the drinks on cars, ships and planes are beer and beverages. The reason why Baijiu is rare is that there are many regular bottles in the rising market. Almost no one can drink a large bottle of Baijiu during the journey. It is not difficult to develop a new market if we develop small bottles of Baijiu suitable for price, liquor quality, liquor strength, brand, etc. according to the needs of passengers who take the same means of transportation as the emerging materials exhibition, plus reasonable operation, and (6) there is no limit according to the sample machine

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