An effective method to improve gear accuracy

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An effective method to improve gear accuracy

this paper introduces the characteristics of cronex special abrasive material, and applies it to the research on noise reduction technology of reducer of escalator drive, which improves the contact accuracy of gear and achieves obvious noise reduction effect

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· friction times 10 ⑼ 99

grinding is a precision machining process used when other metal cutting methods fail to meet the requirements of workpiece precision and surface roughness. The basic principle of grinding is to add Abrasives between workpieces or between grinding tools and workpieces. Under a certain pressure of PCC high-energy master batch developed by stone, the abrasives in the abrasives can perform micro cutting on workpieces. Generally speaking, the higher the pressure, the higher the grinding efficiency. Ordinary Abrasives can only be applied with a very small pressure, and the abrasive particles with a slightly higher pressure will embed in the workpiece surface or cause scratches. Cronex special abrasive materials solve the problem that all abrasive materials can not be used under high pressure. It is a kind of colloidal solution produced by special process. All abrasive particles are wrapped by colloidal solution. The cutting effect of abrasive particles changes with the size of pressure. The cutting effect of pressure is strong, and vice versa. The grinding has strong adhesion to the workpiece, and the abrasive is highly evenly distributed. During the grinding operation, the abrasive will not be thrown out or splashed. It has lubrication function. The pressure during grinding can reach the working load of the workpiece. The surface of the workpiece to be grinded is not scratched, sand embedded, glued, and can be used at very high temperature. For example, in the field of mechanical manufacturing, it is easy to solve circular arc gears, spiral bevel gears, internal gears, worm gears, deep holes with large slender ratio, precision grinding and polishing of irregular internal and external surfaces, and correction of manufacturing errors and assembly errors of large parts. For the grinding of soft metals such as copper, aluminum and Babbitt, ordinary abrasives are generally not allowed to be used because they will cause scratches and embedment. The special abrasive can also be used to grind this kind of soft metal under high pressure without scratching and embedding. Under certain conditions, grinding, scraping and honing can be replaced by grinding

in order to reduce environmental noise pollution, low noise requirements are put forward for escalator drives. A sound level shall be less than 60dB. The noise of a batch of escalator drives developed by us has exceeded the standard. How to reduce the noise of the machined transmission has become the key problem to improve the product quality. After inspection, the machining accuracy of the transmission reducer gear is low, some parameters are seriously out of tolerance, and the surface roughness value is high. When the gear machining accuracy is low and the tooth surface is rough, there are only a few points of contact in the gear meshing, which makes the contact unstable, the deformation time is short, and the gear vibration is large, which is the main factor causing noise

grinding or grinding can be used to improve gear accuracy and reduce tooth surface roughness. However, the machined gears have no grinding allowance and are grinded with conventional abrasives, which is time-consuming and laborious, and the effect is not obvious. Therefore, the new process of cronex special abrasive materials is adopted. Grind the reducer gear with ep6 cronex abrasive. When grinding, first grind at low speed and no load, and then accelerate the pressure (control the pressure by controlling the load) grinding. After grinding, the tooth surface roughness is changed from the original 2.25 μ M reduced to 0.25 μ m。 Because the reducer is ground in the actual meshing state, not only the roughness is greatly reduced, but also the gear contact accuracy is improved. After grinding, the contact length of the gear is increased, so that the former is now widely used. The contact is stable in the process of gear meshing, and the vibration and noise are reduced. After testing, the noise is reduced from the original 64db to 58db ~ 56dB

cronex special abrasive is not only used for escalator, but also for gear grinding, worm and worm grinding of other mechanical equipment. It has been proved by practice that this kind of abrasive can be used for grinding gears, worm gears and worms of various materials, and its accuracy can be improved by more than 2 grades. As long as the particle size of the abrasive for new energy vehicles accounting for more than 20% of the automobile production and sales is properly selected, it can meet any required roughness value, so as to improve transmission efficiency and reduce mechanical vibration and noise. Grinding can be replaced by grinding with cronex special abrasive. Gears that need grinding can be grinded directly in the working state after assembly without gear grinding after fine rolling and hardening treatment. Its efficiency is ten to ten times higher than that of gear grinding, and its quality exceeds that of gear grinding, which is also more economical than that of gear grinding. Therefore, it is an effective method to improve gear accuracy

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