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Although the qualification of the environmental assessment institution is cancelled, the environmental assessment system is still the curse of the enterprise

although the qualification of the environmental assessment institution is cancelled, the sensitive application of the environmental assessment system is still the curse of the enterprise

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one year ago, September 30, 2018, The State Council issued the decision on Amending the regulations on the administration of environmental protection of construction projects, amending the regulations on the administration of environmental protection of construction projects and deleting the provisions on the qualification management of environmental assessment units. Recently, lijianjie, Minister of the Ministry of ecological environment, pointed out in his speech at the national video conference on deepening the reform and transformation of government functions in the "release, management and service" of the ecological environment system that two administrative approval items, including the cancellation of the "environmental assessment agency qualification" and "environmental protection completion acceptance", have been deliberated and approved by the executive meeting of the State Council and will be implemented after the relevant laws are amended

the cancellation of the qualification of the EIA agency does not mean the cancellation of the EIA system. Cui Shuhong, director of the environmental impact assessment department of the Ministry of environmental protection, responded last year that the EIA system, as an important system of environmental protection management, will only be strengthened with the deepening of reform, and will not weaken Chinese coatings. But for small and medium-sized enterprises, it does reduce the burden on them

as we all know, as a member of the traditional manufacturing industry, the extensive production process of the plate industry has been criticized by people, which has the problems of environmental pollution and low efficiency. Since the environmental storm has been blowing fiercer and fiercer, and the environmental supervision has been one wave after another, the environmental impact assessment has become a hoop curse for many small and medium-sized enterprises to move the moire fringe due to the shading effect of the grating. Many enterprises have stopped production because they failed to pass the environmental impact assessment. For example, Lanshan District of Linyi issued a notice in May. Since May 17, 2018, all enterprises without environmental impact assessment, safety assessment or business license are not allowed to produce. Safety and environmental protection departments carry out patrol inspection at any time. Once unlicensed and unlicensed enterprises are found to be producing, they will be cut off from production (water, power, raw materials, equipment and site clearance)

in fact, many sheet metal enterprises are very rational and are also actively transforming and upgrading to take the long-term development road of green and environmental protection. However, with the strengthening of environmental protection management, in recent years, third-party testing and certification institutions have sprung up like mushrooms, and the "hidden rules" of environmental impact assessment have also emerged alternately. Some certification units take the opportunity of stricter environmental protection regulation to ask for high "environmental protection public relations fees". Without a huge amount of benefits, enterprises will not be able to win the environmental protection license. There are also some enterprise environmental impact assessment institutions set up by the original employees of local environmental protection departments, which do not have a clear price for all kinds of testing, It will cause enterprises to be overcharged due to the tight certification period, seriously damage the interests of enterprises and increase the burden of enterprises

on the 5th, the official of Jiangsu Provincial Environmental Protection Department announced the results of the special inspection on the inspection quality of the provincial environmental inspection institutions in the first half of this year, and 22 institutions were ordered to rectify. Among them, four testing institutions were ordered to rectify and impose a fine of less than 10000 yuan. During the rectification period, they were not allowed to issue inspection and testing data and results with certification to the society. Linyi Environmental Protection Bureau also reported the assessment of environmental overload protection assessment institutions in the second quarter. 68 environmental assessment institutions conducted the assessment, and the assessment results of environmental assessment documents prepared by 18 environmental assessment institutions including Shandong Weifeng Environmental Science Research Institute Co., Ltd. were unqualified in the quarter

this time, the qualification of environmental assessment institutions will be cancelled. It is these illegal environmental assessment institutions that want to make profits from environmental protection renovation to protect the interests of enterprises. After all, now all companies can undertake projects, the process of survival of the fittest in the market is more optimized, the comprehensive ability of environmental assessment institutions is required to be higher, and the environmental assessment profits are further reduced

in a word, it is a certainty that environmental protection is becoming more and more strict. Plate enterprises should do environmental assessment and approval as early as possible, and actively put the concept of green environmental protection into the enterprise and the product itself, so as to adapt to today's market and environment and continue long-term development

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