Sweden's perfect interpretation of nature interior

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I once dreamed of owning a small attic that only belonged to me. There are many books, big windows and throw pillows everywhere. I will keep a pot of plants with wide green leaves on my desk. I can see the plane flying overhead. There is bright sunshine during the day and bright moonlight at midnight. Maybe one midnight, I can see meteors pouring through the night sky like a rain

when I saw this loft in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, I finally knew that my sunny loft was no longer an illusion. This penthouse apartment can capture every dreamer in an instant with breathless amazement and inspiration

located on the top floor of a high-rise building, there are windows on all sides, which can let the sun shine in unobstructed. In cold northern Europe, sunshine is where all warmth lies. The 16 foot high ceiling makes the whole space full of openness and grandeur

the attic has also opened up a second floor, making full use of space. This penthouse apartment is a creative stroke in architecture. The designer skillfully used the limited space of the attic to show the unique style of the attic incisively and vividly

all building decoration materials in the attic are unique, and the electrical furniture in the kitchen and bathroom is Boffi, a famous Italian furniture brand. The whole apartment is particularly open and spacious. The customized bookshelves that are as high as the whole wall highlight the height of the ceiling. At the same time, they also separate the dining room from the living room, which can be said to be a multi-functional partition. The fireplace beside the bookshelf is burning orange warm fire, which makes this pure white space extremely warm

Stockholm can be called the city of design, only here “ Design ” The word has the widest meaning: it interprets indoor furnishings, lighting, wall decoration, buildings and even city appearance in a modern way. Everything is different, practical, harmonious and natural, outstanding, elegant and beautiful. Swedes are famous for their creativity in design all over the world. Perhaps, the Swedish sense of design is to better interpret nature, in order to live in a more accurate nature





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