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There was an endless stream of people on the scene, and the staff were happy to introduce the new products to the audience. After years of accumulation, paya doors and windows quickly became the focus and gained enough publicity with the help of the grand ceremony of Guangzhou Construction Expo

"the scene was crowded, and many spectators stopped to ask the staff about the new products, or to inquire about the joining situation. The staff were busy, but they kept smiling and patiently introduced. The tables and chairs in the booth for entertaining the audience were full, so some spectators had to stand aside or sit on the ground and wait for further details with the staff..." this is the scene seen by the reporter at the Paiya doors and windows when participating in the Guangzhou Construction Expo. In contrast, many booths failed to attract the audience due to the lack of highlights, resulting in the desolation of the scene

the doors and windows of paya are very lively. What's special about it? It is understood that paya doors and windows, as the "old brand" in the domestic aluminum alloy doors and windows industry, has been focusing on the R & D and manufacturing of original and high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows. With its unique focus, paya doors and windows has created the charm of high-end products, attracting peers to imitate and learn. With more imitation, it has been recognized as the "pioneer of high-end aluminum alloy doors and windows in China" by the industry. After years of development, paya doors and windows, with its strong enterprise strength, has been awarded the honorary titles of "preferred product for green environmental protection", "product with reliable quality" and "Chinese famous brand" for many times. Therefore, the good reputation of Paiya doors and windows has long been widely known, so it attracted many visitors to the exhibition

as for this grand occasion, the person in charge of paya doors and windows said that they had expected and prepared for it. According to the person in charge of paya doors and windows, many visitors of paya doors and windows who participated in the exhibition in previous years came to know about products and enterprises, and the number of visitors increased every time. Therefore, this exhibition, the enterprise sent additional staff, with sufficient staff, can better serve the audience. At the same time, more seats are added in the booth for the audience to sit down and have a rest and talk in detail

in addition, paya doors and windows also exhibited many new doors and windows. Among them, many new products are recognized by national patents. It is reported that up to now, paya doors and windows has applied for more than 100 national patents, and now there are rich product series, such as luxury Yuwan sliding door series, fashion Lingyu sliding door series, Classic Silver arc swing door series, which are deeply sought after by consumers

Guangzhou Construction Expo is the largest building materials exhibition in Asia. Paya doors and windows shines brightly at this annual event, which will deepen the understanding of more exhibitors and visitors, and is of great benefit to its future development




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